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Dumpster Artist Issue

Art discovered in a dumpster is more common than one expects. Artists live meaningful lives producing something valuable to society, then often disappear into obscurity given a long enough timeline. These are […]

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Issue number 1

Dumpster Archeology: A journal of dumpster diving This page is dedicated to Carrie Seib, a psychic who operated in the St Louis neighborhood of Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1964, created thousands […]

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Vol 1.4 Fall 2019

Dumpster Archeology Digital magazine — From the "Forgotten Architect of South St Louis" to 'Mabel the queen of Dogtown", this journal of Dumpster Diving stories delves deep into the neighborhoods and alleyways […]

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Video classics from the Dumpster Archeology archive

A Recreation of the View from 2323
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A Recreation of the View from 2323

Dumpster Archeology presents .... A Recreation

Dream Manager....a PRIME and Dumpster Archeology team-up

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Psychedelic Science Fiction

the Mystery Play

The Mystery play The diner was in the center of a half-forgotten shopping strip that was mostly silent.  It was called Heart Attack […]

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Is this Living?

A Psychedelic Science Fiction Story set at the end of Humanity Today was Sunday. There was no reason to wake up early, so […]

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