A Psychic Reality

She was a real person.

A Grandmother and business owner who loved God and tried to be a good person. She died in 1969 and by all accounts was well known in her neighborhood as remarkable in every way. Her 3 volumes of poetry were published in 1976 and I proudly display them on my shelf. Of course it is all in German, but with the help of several clever phone Apps, I can get the gist of her words.

She was an immigrant.

Carrie was born in Germany and migrated to America at the turn of the century. She was very intelligent and learned English quickly while working at a bakery across from THAT giant American Brewery on the banks of the Mississippi river in St Louis. By 1920 she had two kids, a devoted husband and owned the Bakery.

The American dream in action, a hero pulling themselves up with the help of a strong family.

Carrie was a Mother and she was also a Psychic.

Some Reel to Reel tapes, found in a dumpster by me in 2015 are filled with her wisdom and voice.

The tapes recorded from 1949 to 1956, were captured on the third floor ballroom where the spiritualist church services take place. The church was started around 1933, first called the Lafayette center, then by the 1940s, the Independent Church of Truth.

Carrie Seib walks up to the podium and her voice flows like a bard or philosopher of the ancient times. She talks about finding your own voice, your inner strength and above all else listening to the Great Spirit. Between the musical interludes done by family members, she gives the neighborhood a vision of a better future, and she also speaks of ghosts. Carrie uses her psychic gift for the betterment of the local humanity of St Louis.

Remember, she is a real person and this isn’t a history lesson. You can hear the stories from her family members on Facebook, or look at the family photos. Most importantly we have her voice on the Reel to Reels tapes and her beautiful poetry.

What is psychic anyway and does it matter?

Colin Wilson studied the subject for a lifetime and the evidence of “ability” is there in the facts and in the reshaped lives of those who used it for the common good. He concludes that it is our notion of reality that is the problem, not the people who claim to be able to SEE the other side. Humanity has always had our spiritual guides, wisdom giving souls and those psychics who remain largely within the communities from which they work.

Many famous names with skepticism in their heart, opened up our new psychic reality. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes wrote 20 books about the subject, his wife channeled work and he turned from skeptic to famous influencer. Journalist and war hero Colonel William Olcott tried to disprove psychic spiritualism and ended up helping start the Theosophical Society with a world famous psychic.

Whatever they are, psychics can reshape our way of thinking about reality.

The Independent Church of Truth was a labor of love for the Seib family. The roots of it grew from the tail end of Spiritualism and shifted towards the universal wisdom of the New Age. The point was after all, about sharing a better version of humanity that is not only possible, it is inevitable. Like a poem she writes about flowers, Carrie was growing and blooming spiritually throughout her long strange life.

The stories surrounding the family are deep and unusual. George, her son, the “miracle baby” who grew into a remarkable Doctor and Anthropologist… has tales worthy of a novel. The house they all lived in is still unique with a history intertwined with the Lafayette Square neighborhood and the ghosts of the families that lived there for over a hundred years.

She was a real person.

A mother who raised her kids in a small apartment, and then bought a derilict 8000 square foot mansion for cheap, to fill it with love and family. Carrie was a woman who drove herself in her own car, toiled in the garden, cleaned and cooked her entire life as a caregiver and she still ran a church and business . How did she find the time to write poetry, have a church and further her own spiritual journey toward universal wisdom?

What of the poetry?

At first one sees the common words and analogies of the poetry to be fairly normal for a woman writing about flowers and God, then it gets weird. When a German translation software seems to reference Atlanta, one wonders if Atlantis makes more sense, and it does. Reincarnation is mentioned along with the perfection of Spirit. Sigmund Freud and Rudolph Steiner are references and the depths of the poetry becomes especially transendental. Counting downwards, the individual lines, it occurs to the reader that many poems add up to sacred numerical levels. This poetry is an untapped source of psychic genius.

Let’s not forget this is a true story and Carrie really did all of this.

Yes, there is the story of Dumpster Archeology and the discovery of the Reel to Reels tapes. There is a true story about George Seib in Alaska in 1936 studying the Bering Strait with Ales Hrdlicka, the Smithsonian Curator. Edna, his sister does her Art and has children, the current remaining family are doing comic books and trying to keep history from losing their remarkable family story. All their stories are wonderful.

This is about Carrie Seib.

A real woman.

A real psychic.

When she left Germany, the odd girl who saw ghost monks, had dreams come true and didn’t want to grow old in the small village of her ancestors, when she arrived in St Louis, it was under her own merits. Family was always at the core as her sister married her husband’s brother. A close family that grew, including anyone willing to put in the work and love needed to sustain collective survival. Carrie was the center of it all, using her gifts to manifest a better future.

This is the tip of an iceberg. A depth defining decent into history. St Louis is as much a central character, as the House at 2323 Lafayette Ave. Perhaps the glue, IS the psychic reality between.

What is a house without it’s history?

What is a Mother without her children?

What is a City without it’s people?

Carrie Seib was a psychic, but what really matters is how she used her ability, all her abilities, from gardening, to mothering, to the way to shared her wisdom in poetry. Perhaps she saw the ghosts, perhaps a dream or two came true, and just maybe she could look into your soul with her trained eyes of focus and see the potential in each person she graced with her passionate awareness.

If this is the psychic reality, than why don’t more of us attempt to live in that very same place.