Breakthrough the Fractal Grid

Breakthrough the Fractal Grid

The year was 1990 and Norman “Randy” Titus finished his Sci-Fi short novel called Breakthrough. In 2016, 3 copies of this novel ended up in a dumpster and have never been seen outside his family. Breakthrough synopsis: Micheal Conroy is genius-level inventor and virtual reality designer, his specialty is designing “sense-suits” or human interface apparatus, …

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where dream incubation and sacred space meet

Ancient Incubator

There is a vein of thought that was common in ancient cultures that dreams were not only an important part of being human, it was a divine practice that provided healing, insight and prophetic ability. The term Dream Incubation is a scientific term for something ancient and unexplained, so it has a universal appeal in …

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the poetry of lew blink from 2012 to 2021

Church of Flow and Poetry

Psychedelic, Philosophical, Romantic and Mad, the poetry of Lew Blink is a decent into linguistic meaning, a fall into the unknown. This is the best from 2014 to 2021. Final Form:a mind palacefortified with intenta little bit of magica whole lot of synapse gridsmuscular memory from past life spiritsunraveling post script painsdimensional layersdensity positionstribal roles …

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