Death Purge and letting go

Culture sheds itself like dead skin cells into the void of trash oblivion and is reborn every generation with a new mask. We collectively purge the past to make way for new growth. The dumpsters of America are filled with our collective secrets and historical legacies. Sometimes I find myself digging around in a dumpster …

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Three Heads in a bag

What’s in the bag? As I saw the duffel bag in a dumpster, I thought, this is how bad horror movies start. Curiosity killed the Cat, they say and as I pulled gently on the zipper, I could hear the voice in my head playing out a thousand Halloween Movies. That’s hair isn’t it? The …

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the lost psychic of Lafayette Square

Issue number 1

Dumpster Archeology: A journal of dumpster diving This page is dedicated to Carrie Seib, a psychic who operated in the St Louis neighborhood of Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1964, created thousands of Channeled Poems and did Spiritualist Church Services which were recorded in the 1950’s. Table of Contents …… ………. The Lost Psychic of …

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the evolution of dumpster archeology digital magazine

The Evolution of

Dumpster Archeology From the dumpsters of Tampa to South St Louis, Lew Blink has been a dumpster diver since 2001. A long untold tale of thrifty efforts and ends with this website. How did we get from survival of the post 9/11 years to the artistic experience of Dumpster Archeology? Table of Contents Chapter 1 …

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My Origin Story

  It seems strange to start the story on that September day in 2001.. but that was when my obsession with Dumpster Diving was born.   It was just fun before that, when a few of us jumped into a few dumpsters to find free stuff, as young men inspired a book called… Evasion      …

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the Forgotten Architect of South St Louis digital magazine

Vol 1.4 Fall 2019

Dumpster Archeology Digital magazine — From the “Forgotten Architect of South St Louis” to ‘Mabel the queen of Dogtown”, this journal of Dumpster Diving stories delves deep into the neighborhoods and alleyways of our city. The edges of historical creation are discovered within these explorations. The Death Purges scattered across the landscape are rediscovered in …

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