Breakthrough Fractal Grids with Randy Titus

2016: One rainy night a friend messaged me and said “you got to check out a dumpster”. This was near the Carpenter Branch Library in South City Saint Louis. I peered in and started pulling out books, an amazing bag, two winter clothing pieces. and few personal items like a Kindle reader. Stuff I would use for the next 5 years.

I also found Artwork, more art work, paintings, family geology research and an unpublished Sci-fi novel. This was the work of a plorifecic artist named Randy Titus. Within weeks, I was invited to his memorial, met his family, and began the long journey into the life of this genius level soul.

This is the complete Randy Titus Rabbit Hole. From the first night, the funeral, the Art, the Science Fiction novel and his teaching syllabus. We Breakthrough together into the Fractal Grid of this unusual Artist.

Part 1:


the Randy Titus Memorial

Part Art Show, Part Funeral, an introduction to the Randy Titus world.

What we know about Randy for sure, is he is from Indianapolis. He attended DePauw University and even taught there in 1984, as an expert in the growing field of Computer Art. A true nerd, in the fondest way, he claims he wasn’t good at computers but was none the less an innovator in the growing world of Graphic Arts.

Randy’s work from the 1980’s was experimental using his classically trained background. His art was philosophical inspired, with Futurist, Existential, Buddhist and Academic angles

Part 2:

No Semblance of Meaning

Randy Titus’s grand abstract experiment,

The BioMythograph of is a revealing look at his character, love of family, and the unusual influences that helped create this Artist, but what does it say about his Art. Was he a genius?

Part 3:

Titus Family History

the Biomythographeology of Randy Titus

Part 4:

Breakthrough Fractal Grids

With Randy Titus

One Unpublished Science Fiction Story