Cast of Characters

One house, it’s original owner, the son-in-law re-builder, the psychic, the doctor and the artist.

Who is who?

2323 Lafayette ave was built by French settlers then destroyed by the 1897 cyclone.

Rebuilt by German architects Otto/Jannsen in 1901. Sold in 1923 to the Seib family

Maintained until 2015 by the family, then sold.

Conrad Fink –

German born, Civil War Steam Boat Captain, Banker, Wine maker, 2323 Patriarch

3 daughters,

The Visual Journal of -the View from 2323

August Nasse – Son of a Pharmacist, Husband to the eldest FInk daughter,

Wholesale Grocer, Inheritor of 2323, Rebuilder after Cyclone.

Outlived his entire family

Carrie Seib- German-born, Bakery owner, Poet, Mother, Psychic and Matriarch

Operated a Church in Lafayette Square

George Seib – Son of a Psychic, Medical Anthropology Professor at WashU, Neighborhood Doctor, Restorer

Published his mother’s poetry

Edna the Artist

Edna Seib- Daughter of a Psychic, Artist, Graphic Art collector, Translator, Mother