Dumpster story

The End of Dumpster Diving 2020 Digital Magazine

End of dumpster diving

We reached the end of civilization…..by the halfway mark of the summer of 2020….all we knew was breathing through masks and survival instincts. Most of the retail shops were closed and the dumpsters remained empty as protesters stalked the night streets. It felt like we reached the finish line. Civilization was crumbling and we wonder, […]

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Dr Jensen goes to China

Dr Jensen goes to China

dumpster story / By Lew There are three remarkable parts about Dr Jay Jensen that I love.  There’s a good chance I might have my Joshua Jensen confused.  One graduated from Washington University in 1938 and the other in the 1970s. They both worked in the same Legacy Christian Hospital, while one was born in China and the

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the story of Sarah Jane a Working Girl

Sarah Jane – Working Girl

1997: 12 women pose for a photograph. Sarah Jane is posed in middle, between two important women, dressed in black with an ornate gold brooch.  Her hair is cut with modern perfection and she screams of sophistication with beauty and grace.  Sarah is a member of this Sisterhood.   Ladue News October 3rd 1997. About the Cover:  Celebrating

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From the Trash

The Story of a Long-Forgotten St. Louis Psychic Recovered—From the Trash – St. Magazine Digital On Sunday, artist Lew Blink will lecture on Carrie Seib, a Spiritualist and Channeler, whose archives he rescued from a Lafayette Square Dumpster. BY THOMAS CRONE  NOVEMBER 2, 2016 11:24 AM VIA THE DUMPSTER ARCHEOLOGY EXPERIENCE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE Lew Blink is

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Found in a Dumpster

the Psychic of Lafayette Square Returns for Strange Folk *from RFT digital Posted By Danny Wicentowski on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 8:39 am Whether by fate or cosmic happenstance, St. Louis artist Lew Blink discovered the spirit of Carrie Seib in a dumpster outside 2323 Lafayette Avenue.  It was October 2015, five months after Blink moved to the city’s

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Cast of Characters

One house, it’s original owner, the son-in-law re-builder, the psychic, the doctor and the artist. Who is who? 2323 Lafayette ave was built by French settlers then destroyed by the 1897 cyclone. Rebuilt by German architects Otto/Jannsen in 1901. Sold in 1923 to the Seib family Maintained until 2015 by the family, then sold. Conrad

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