dumpster story

Breakthrough the Fractal Grid

Breakthrough the Fractal Grid

The year was 1990 and Norman “Randy” Titus finished his Sci-Fi short novel called Breakthrough. In 2016, 3 copies of this novel ended up in a dumpster and have never been seen outside his family. Breakthrough synopsis: Micheal Conroy is genius-level inventor and virtual reality designer, his specialty is designing “sense-suits” or human interface apparatus, …

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the Philosophy of Carrie

To understand the facts surrounding her philosophy, is too look at a shadow to see the form.    Her work remains consistent and completely “her”.  One could compare her to Edgar Cayce@ in altruistic nature and channeling ability but as his was unconscious and hers was integrated.  An odd overlap was that in the year …

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The House at 2323

from the Independent Church of Truth The History of the house at 2323 Lafayette Ave.   The location of the Independent Church of Truth and home to an unusual history containing that of a Civil War Steam Boat Captain, his family, August Nasse’s tragic losses, ghosts, spiritualists and one remarkable woman named Carrie Seib. This …

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Crazy things

………found in a dumpster! Lew BlinkAug 7 · 2 min read For this installment of Crazy Things, we take a look the weird and unusual things….. … those crazy things you wonder.. How did that get there? Who would throw this out? How can I reuse and repurposed these straps….? Dumpsters are often portals… To weird dreamscapes on the mind.. …

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