dumpster story

The Sobbing Man

a tale of Dumpster woe — Original Post unchanged. Dogtown is a strange St Louis neighborhood, the narrow streets are lined with cars and sidewalks disappear and reappear in random ways. Some say it’s called Dogtown because the Eskimos who stayed after the World’s Fair of 1904 kept too many dogs and used to eat them.  …

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Punk Rock Christmas

You know that scene in “Fight club” where Edward Norton walks through the office with blood in his teeth, smiling at his former coworkers? His anarchist notion of public demeanor rejected decency and projected something odd and affronting to social norms. That’s me, dumpster diving on “college exodus” while parents and students are packing high …

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The Envelope

It began with an Envelope. A square folded paper with a simple message. A Name and an Address How archaic it seems in the modern world to be known by a location but it told you everything one needed to know.  2323 Lafayette Square…at the cross section of streets surrounding an ancient piece of grass. …

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