The Women of……

I found them in the last place they would have expected to be found … Maude Witthall – Pioneer Women From a School teacher to the Matriarch of a large family, the journey of Maude. like finding a treasure just outside an Ancient temple… The tale of two Sarahs Sarah Jane and her Mother, Sarah …

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Summer of 2020 Digital

Dumpster Archeology Magazine presents: The End of Dumpster Diving We reached the end of civilization… the halfway mark of the summer of 2020….all we knew was breathing through masks and survival instincts. Most of the retail shops were closed and the dumpsters remained empty as protesters stalked the night streets. It felt like we reached …

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Dumpster Artist Issue

Table of Contents The Last Paintings of Edward Menges Page 1 Doppelganger – the Randy Titus Memorial Page 2 No Semblance of Meaning – Abstract Opus Page 3 Dream Manager – A Dumpster Archeology Art Installation Page 4 Clowning in the 5th Dimension Page 5 Introductory Artifacts — the Randy Titus teaching method Page 6

Death Purge and other short works

Table of Contents Part 1. Death Purge and letting go Part 2. Döstädning- Swedish Death Cleaning Part 3. The Sobbing Man – A tale of Dumpster Woe Part 4. The Widow and the Paintings – going behind the trash curtain

a Psychic Reality Magazine

Historical Psychics exist, they thrive in urban areas for decades, talking to ghosts, channeling poetry and supporting a community with their wisdom. It is rare to find the historical information of such a figure, but we have that in Carrie Seib. She operated in the Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1969. A massive sphere of …

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Issue number 1

Dumpster Archeology: A journal of dumpster diving This page is dedicated to Carrie Seib, a psychic who operated in the St Louis neighborhood of Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1964, created thousands of Channeled Poems and did Spiritualist Church Services which were recorded in the 1950’s. Table of Contents …… ………. The Lost Psychic of …

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The Evolution of

Dumpster Archeology Table of Contents Introduction …… Chapter 1 the Origin Story Chapter 2 Confessions of a Dumpster Archeologist Chapter 3 Punk Rock Christmas Chapter 4 Dumpster Archeology: Beginnings

Vol 1.4 Fall 2019

Dumpster Archeology Digital magazine — From the “Forgotten Architect of South St Louis” to ‘Mabel the queen of Dogtown”, this journal of Dumpster Diving stories delves deep into the neighborhoods and alleyways of our city. The edges of historical creation are discovered within these explorations. The Death Purges scattered across the landscape are rediscovered in …

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