where dream incubation and sacred space meet

Ancient Incubator

There is a vein of thought that was common in ancient cultures that dreams were not only an important part of being human, it was a divine practice that provided healing, insight and prophetic ability. The term Dream Incubation is a scientific term for something ancient and unexplained, so it has a universal appeal in …

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the poetry of lew blink from 2012 to 2021

Church of Flow and Poetry

Psychedelic, Philosophical, Romantic and Mad, the poetry of Lew Blink is a decent into linguistic meaning, a fall into the unknown. This is the best from 2014 to 2021. Final Form:a mind palacefortified with intenta little bit of magica whole lot of synapse gridsmuscular memory from past life spiritsunraveling post script painsdimensional layersdensity positionstribal roles …

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Boom goes the Sky Wars for Pyromania

the Grand Finale Lew Blink Sep 29 · 9 min read “Count down with me..……” said the Voice from the crane held speakers. Boom… goes the fireball as the audience cheers, filling the air with a cacophony of sounds and heat. The Missouri Pyrotechnics Association begins the 15th annual Pyromusical competition called… The Sky Wars Invitational Fireworks Championship. The fireball …

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The Hive

What if….within your personal essence there are parts of you, parts that help create your human experience, what if some of those parts were collective in nature? The Hive…our collective human mind. This is not a new idea, those Greeks philosophers spelled IT out, the Bhagavad Gita exposes IT, and the roots of Christianity are seeped …

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Viva the Ass Revolution

Viva the Ass Revolution

It’s surprising how popular ass play has become in modern culture as rear end desire transcends gender/ orientation and drifts into our mainstream cultural gnosis. Only the Woke understand that the ass is a misunderstood sensual sexual organ and the taboo nature of it has been an cultural mandate of the Repressed with unneeded religious overtones. One could say our latest cultural sexual revolution is built on two round mounds and one puckered …

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