Amanita dreams of me

Amanita dreams of me

The first time I tried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, it was an experiment, like testing the water before a hot bath. I spent weeks doing research, searching online trypt reports, reading books by Gordon Wasson, John Allegro and that really weird “Sacred Mushroom, Key to the door of Eternity” book. The classic title is fairly unknown but has a true scientist …

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The Melancholy of being Magical

The Melancholy of being Magical

It’s not easy being magical. A sadness can strike a soul during the difficult journey a magical person must walk. We often find it difficult to be in relationships, working within cultures and struggle with our sense purpose. Reaching out with our vague, irrational mysterious language to attempt to define something that exists without words… we simply hope. It is a strange hope, that the …

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The Last Wizard

The Last Wizard

or how St Louis spawned Paganism. Great fictional wizards often have a magical staff. Gandalf brandished his at orcs and monsters, Maleficent used hers as a source of power and wizards of the fantasy worlds are easily identified by their long enchanted walking sticks. The utilitarian staff is actually just a bigger, more useful magic …

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Artica --- the Landgrab

Artica — the Land Grab

A true story descent into the weirdness of Artica and one particular artistic narrative. The bullhorn announces to us Land Grabbers, the time has come. With our stake flags raised high we scanned the horizon for our goal. A piece of free land, as advertised by the town criers and salesmen. The man in the …

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A YouTube Story of a Story

Let’s get down with some meta story telling experiences. The year is 2007 and I begin to record video on my new digital camera, then I edited the best parts into short format films. From Music videos to Travel logs, Artistic explorations to Family Adventures. “The Story” is a little under a hundred short films over …

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Learning to Love St Louis

Lew BlinkNov 2 · 7 min read And it’s people! An Arch is an odd thing. The symbolism is strong and a deep history lays behind the glorious symbol of my city. The strength and multi layered message it conveys is like a beam of light in the middle of country sweeping outwards coming in directly from that …

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