Science Fiction

the Urinating Alchemist

The Urinating Alchemist

He needed to pee and the movie was still halfway in. Everyone in the room was bored but him. This ancient Hollywood adaptation of a classic book, still wasn’t simple enough for these teens. An online explanation would suffice for their collective book report. He needed to pee, and also had another problem. The blonde …

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Randonaut Attraction

The voice on the other side of the phone had been soft and welcoming.  She encouraged him to find meaning and do the exercises as planned. She said, this was his moment of truth and the entire experiment hinged on his being able to embrace the Moment.   Wishing he had a clue our hero still …

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the Mystery Play

The Mystery play The diner was in the center of a half-forgotten shopping strip that was mostly silent.  It was called Heart Attack Cafe but the sign remained only partly lit.   Daniel almost walked past the place with his hoodie pulled up over his head while walking in the bitter cold. It was the …

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Satellite of Love

A Psychedelic Science Fiction love story at the end of humanity Today was Sunday. There was no reason to wake up early, so she didn’t. Her vivid morning dreams lulled her into strange feelings she didn’t understand. Nocturnal sensations rose that felt so foreign to her, like flying with freedom in open spaces and a …

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The Bereitschafts-Potential

Lew BlinkDec 6, 2019 · 6 min read A Time Traveling, free-will potential, psychedelic science fiction short story. Part 1 As their breath returned to a normal post-sexual rhythm, they discovered a desire to talk about important things. Two souls still in the grip of each other, with fingers intertwined and faces full of loving closeness. …

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