Summer of 2020

The End of Dumpster Diving 2020 Digital Magazine

Summer of 2020 Digital

We reached the end of civilization… the halfway mark of the summer of 2020….all we knew was breathing through masks and survival instincts. Most of the retail shops were closed and the dumpsters remained empty as protesters stalked the night streets. It felt like we reached the finish line. Civilization was crumbling and we wonder, …

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Crazy things

………found in a dumpster! Lew BlinkAug 7 · 2 min read For this installment of Crazy Things, we take a look the weird and unusual things….. … those crazy things you wonder.. How did that get there? Who would throw this out? How can I reuse and repurposed these straps….? Dumpsters are often portals… To weird dreamscapes on the mind.. …

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the Randy Titus slides.

Found in a dumpster in the Spring of 2017 shortly after his death, the personal slides of Randy Titus reveal his inner eye and beginnings of Artistic expression. From his youth in Indiana, to his journeys across the world, Randy Titus loved to photograph. One can see the way, this Art Major/Philosophy Minor evolved over …

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