It’s been over half a decade since the words Dumpster and Archeology were slung together for a strange project that has been lovingly called ….a multidimensional rabbit hole.  Indeed this moniker has been used on social media, for 3 websites, 2 publications, 4 art installations, 50 plus articles on Medium.com and a Documentary. Dumpster Archeology is a …

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Carrie Seib Biography

Carrie was born on June 21, 1884 in Germany, in the small village of Talheim by Velberg, near the town of Hall, in Wuerttemberg.   Her father was John George Proellochs, a farmer and her mother was named  Eva Rosine .     By her own words she began to have prophetic dreams that would …

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My Origin Story

  It seems strange to start the story on that September day in 2001.. but that was when my obsession with Dumpster Diving was born.   It was just fun before that, when a few of us jumped into a few dumpsters to find free stuff, as young men inspired a book called… Evasion      …

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