Dr Jensen goes to China

Biomythography part 3

There are two remarkable parts about Dr Jay Jensen that I love. 

  1. His amazing photographic eye, as his photos from China in 1986 are visionary. 
  2. That bedside manner.  He was the funny Doctor with all the jokes.

There’s a good chance I might have my Joshua Jensen’s confused.  One graduated from Washington University in 1938 and the other one in the 1970s.  

They worked in the same Legacy Christian Hospital, while one was born in China and the son of a pair of Missionaries, the other had a typical American Childhood.  

I don’t know because all my data comes from a dumpster.  I found the Jensen Collection one night in Soulard as the sun was dipping, cameras were pointed at my smiling face, as I dumpster dived for a Documentary.  

The Collection has 3 Jensens, well technically hundreds of family faces, but the three Men are at the center.  

Dr. Jenson, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Jensen. 

Louis Jensen was  born in China in a village called Ya’an in 1924.  His mother became the first woman to teach at a Buddhist school.  Her husband studied at Yale but was a full fledged Reverend, just like her father.  He worked as a Doctor in Topeka Kansas and wrote under the odd psudumen.. Green Jade Swallow. 

Josuha “Jay” Ernest Jensen was the oldest of the three.  He was Africa in World War 2 as a Medic and became a leading surgen in St Louis. A diplomat of the American College of surgery.  He was head of thr Medical ethics committee of thr St Louis Medical society.

Dr Josh Jensen, local Doctor….possible comedian.  

The Mid-York Weekly

Hamilton, New York, July 16, 1959

Mrs. Jensen’ Memorial Restores laughter to 20 Chinese Children.

Laughter, the universal language of the world, has been restored to twenty Chinese youngsters as a result of a gift in memory of the late Mrs. Joshua C. Jensen of Hamilton, missionary of the American Baptist Society to West China from 1911 to 1941.