Dr Jensen goes to China

Dr Jensen goes to China

dumpster story / By Lew

There are three remarkable parts about Dr Jay Jensen that I love. 

  1. His amazing photographic eye, as his slides from Communist China in 1986… are visionary. 
  2. He was the funny Doctor with all the jokes. I found many within his papers.
  3. His commitment to his family.

There’s a good chance I might have my Joshua Jensen confused.  One graduated from Washington University in 1938 and the other in the 1970s. They both worked in the same Legacy Christian Hospital, while one was born in China and the son of a pair of Missionaries, the other had a typical American Childhood.  

  I found the Jensen Collection one night as the sun was dipping on the historic Mississippi River neighborhood of Soulard. A full box of photography slides, letters, memorabilia and the history of the Jensen family.

The Collection has many Jensens, , but three Men are at the center of collective Story. Dr. Jensen, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Jensen. 

This is the BioMythographeology of the 3 Dr Jensens

The Mid-York Weekly Hamilton, New York, July 16, 1959

Mrs. Jensen’ Memorial Restores laughter to 20 Chinese Children.

Dr Jensen goes to China

Laughter, the universal language of the world, has been restored to twenty Chinese youngsters as a result of a gift in memory of the late Mrs. Joshua C. Jensen of Hamilton, missionary of the American Baptist Society to West China from 1911 to 1941.

“Magic- Word – Mirror” -to tell the story behind the memorial, however, we must use our magic work mirror and revisit the past, we turn back the clock 74 years. Mrs. Jensen, the former Lois Ada Butler was born on August 30 1884. Her rich American heritage included five original Mayflower Ancestral voyagers to the new world in 1620….

The Jensen’s first Missionary assignment was the Ninguieun China- the most distant missionary station in the world in no man’s land between China and Burma. Leaving San Francisco in October 1911, the trip by boat took one month to reach Shanghi. The next leg of their journey too the Jensen’s four months to complete with the last 12 days of the journey by pack train.

It was at the first station that Mrs. Jensen’s first blessed event occurred their son Joshua Ernest was born in 1912. Today Dr Joshua Jensen who served with the Army medical corps in Africa during World War 2 is one of the leading surgens in St Louis. A diplomat of the American College of surgery.  He was head of the Medical ethics committee of the St Louis Medical society.

Dr Jensen goes to China

1st Jensen —-

Louis Jensen was  born in China in a village called Ya’an in 1924.  His mother became the first woman to teach at a Buddhist school.  Her husband studied at Yale but was a full fledged Reverend, just like her father.  Louis became a Doctor in Topeka Kansas and wrote under the odd name.. Green Jade Swallow. 

Poems of Green Jade Swallow:

Eyes of  Dawn –

Yours are the eyes of dawn 

With you my night is gone 

Enchanting splendor of early morn 

You show me beauties newly born

The night was so dark and long

But still, darling, I’ll carry on 

For you came along

With your wonderful song!

Yours are the Eyes of Dawn.

          Green Jade Swallow – 1965

Dr Jensen goes to China

Florida Flamingo-    

Six foot-three in heels

        With all that’s good and ….bad

With all that’s real …..and reels

        A knot of sane….and ….. Mad

How short you stayed…yet long

        How good you’ve gone….and yet

So much seems right….. Yet wrong

       Too tender …..to…..forget!      

                           Green Jade Swallow – August 17, 1967

Dr Jensen goes to China

2nd Dr Jensen —

From the notes of Dr Jay Jensen written in 1986 from within Communist China.

Dr Jensen goes to China

April 28–30 Mon-Weds — Chengdu

Chengdu is the capital of China’s most popular province, Sichan, a colorful city graced with gregarious, outgoing population, producing more rice than any other province in China.

Highlights of the city are the thatched Cottage of Dr Fu, the famous Chinese poet during the 8th century; the tomb of Wang Jian, solider of fortune who became a prince. Wen Shu Yuan temple, an important Buddhist site, the Shu Geliang Shrine and West Spring Road area.

May 01, Thurs- Chengu — Nig Yuen

Travel west of Chengdu to Ning Yuen, birthplace of Mr. William Jensen (Bill). Sightseeing of the area and overnight.

Dr Jensen goes to China

May 02–07 Fri-Weds — Nin Yuen — Emei- Leshan- Ya’an

During the next few days, we will traveled to Emei Shan (Mt Omni), saw the Cave of Nine Old Men, Twin flying Bridges, Elephant Wash pool and much much more.

Dr Jensen goes to China

*”the road to Omni” is written on the next slide, the photo of Bill at the top is the headliner photo.

We also traveled to Ya’an the birthplace of Dr. Louis Jensen, my brother.

Dr Jensen goes to China

May 08–10 Thur-Sat — Beijing

At the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing, we were met by a lovely Chinese guide- Linda and a car and driver at the airport. Each morning we meet them in the foyer at 920 am and go sight seeing. All our meals are Chinese- expect breakfast which we eat together at the hotel. We have tried out all of them.

We learned later that this is the best hotel in china, it’s jointly owned by Sheridan hotel chain-USA and the Chinese government.

Dr Jensen goes to China

May 12th – Monday

The final day we went to the Forbidden city, the home of the Chinese emperor- of course no one lives there now, but before we went there we went to the enormous square before Mao Memorial. I think said it would hold 1 million people.

The building and tomb of Mao was very impressively done. No one is allowed to take or be in pictures over there are many honor guards about.

Dr Jensen goes to China

The palace is copious but beautiful with Oriental ornate aspects with it’s curved roofs and Gods to keep away the evil spirits. The last emperor was young boy and his mother the Dowoga empress really worked for him. She sat beautiful and serene behind him and told him what to do. He was frightened he sat and cried, He was never allowed out of the forbidden city and was carried from building to building. Even his concubines for pushed for and different one was left by his …..(writing becomes unreadable).

Dr Jensen goes to China

The 3rd Dr Jensen is Josh Jensen, the 3rd. His father’s things, became his things until the Dumpster. He was Doctor and a possible Comedian.

Dr Jensen goes to China

Bonus Text from Dr Jay Jensen’s files… Surgery jokes.


PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS :Decrease in oxygen supply due to puncture wound of the frontal innertube.

SURGEON   –   Dr. Jensen


ANESTHETIST   –Drs. Smith and Marschner 


Insertion of bicycle into artificial mobilizer

The patient is a four-month old bicycle in relatively good shape. On the day of operation the patient sustained oxygen  shortage due to a puncture wound of the frontal tube caused by insertion of a fragment of glass. It was elected to provide the patient with a means of artificial mobility until repair of the puncture wound could be carried out. It was noted that the patient’s color was white, probably as a result of the shock of the puncture.


The patient was placed on the operating table in the horizontal position, the posterior extending slightly beyond the trunk of the artificial mobilizer. After propping the patient in a satisfactory position, and after the patient’s condition was stabilized, the trunk was closed in knots with 6-0 Ethiflex rope.


Upon satisfactory repair of the puncture wound and reinfusion of oxygen, the patient is expected to return to full activity within a few days.

ce: Dr. Jensen

D: 10-12-73 T: 10-15-73