DreamManager is a Meta-story-telling experience told through objects and archetypal images layered onto a virtual and physical Art Installation during PRIME’s 24 hour play event..  “Reverie”. Like a dream it will disappear soon.

We begin with a quote from “Breakthrough”   a short story by Mister Titus

“I am your narrator, your guardian.  I am the program you designed for this new toy, I am the DreamManager, my friend, watchful of your every move through these images as vast as your own mind.”

Mister Titus begins his unpublished Science Fiction story with a quote by Rene Descartes, famous for his “I think therefore I am”…for which Rene did not see as a throw-away concept, but the cornerstone of every idea he ever did after.  This truth started when Descartes explored the “false-ness” of his dreams, and yet he still retained this sense of “I”, even as the illusions of his dreams became apparent. Mister Titus would use this concept in his take on Virtual Reality and the immersive reality, where one loses one’s “self” when entering the digital landscape.   He wrote this story somewhere between 1986 and 1989 and truly explored certain technological philosophical ideas well before the mainstream. 

…………….DreamManager is a meta-story-telling experience built out of these realities. 

Captain Nematode shifts in his chair as he views the terrain on the map.  He looks for patterns in the madness. What rhyme or reason is there? The voice through the drum vibrates on his ear hairs and he hears a soft glow from Mabel, perhaps the word “love” is spoken, or maybe that is felt.  The Fibonacci sequence is charted and unfolds like the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. Consciousness manifesting in material form with a Question of Mythology. Was Cabeaz De Vaca a saint? Or a magician? Or a liar? The lens reflects his face and zooms into the Nothingness as he chants the OHM mantra to the ring of the bell.  Time machine seaps upwards, backwards, and never forward but he found the Middle Pillar rising like Kunadlini Energy, guiding him towards the infinite cosmic joke. He plays with the Dreams as Meaning and discovers himself lost in the ether.  

Mabel dances on the material,  spins in fact, but her motion is caught mid-air in the reflected glass.  The pretty things help her find herself and she FEELS…… but wonders why the good Captain Nematode stares at his books looking for answers, she finds her answers in Living.   The Lovers lay out separated by dreams, meaning and the split nature of the Unfolding of space and time.    Duality is lost in the ether. Mabel is the Spirit in flesh, robbed of the Collective and pinpointed into a Ant.           

******learn more about Mabel, the glamorous Queen of Dogtown ***here

Level 2 ….    The Meaning

   Each piece is a surrealist reflection of consciousness with reflected names like “Time Machine”, “Terra-ennial Birds”, “Mabel” and “Captain Nematode”.    Slowly subconscious understanding will seep when the details become like viruses and worm into BEING. The right hand side is Beauty, Emotion, and HER. Terra-ennial Birds are symbolic in a thousand ways, as they fly above our heads with “the map” built into their DNA.  Mabel’s two-sided nature is harnessed into the form of ancient style. Captain Nematode is Chaos formed into patterns, a visionary in his workshop making sense from the Dreams. Who is the Dreamer and who makes the dreams? The DreamManger is a program, a pattern recognition software designed to discover what lies beneath……if the meaning is anything other than patterns.   

 Bruce Lipton once said “the Lens” allowed us to see out from ourselves and into ourselves further than we ever were able to see before……and all we discovered was Empty Space.   There are no answers, only meaning… applied like lines on a map, from one collection of houses to another.

  • Captain Nematode was created from an uprooted tree found on the banks of the Meramac river.  A tiny acorn that fell into the space occupied by an older tree and rooted none the less. It’s fight for survival was epic and the energy to haul it from the natural world, hanging from a vine into our visual spaces is a reflection of the power this tree once had.  
  • The chair and table were found by dumpsters in McKinley Heights, the maps are from a School teacher’s collection discovered in a Dumpster in Botanical Gardens in 2009.  The objects on the table were owned by Mabel Fiztwater and Mister Titus. 
  •  “Mabel” is made out of two separate trees, discovered and loved. 
  •  The dress is one of Mabel Fitzwater’s vintage high end 1970’s dresses.  
  • The playing cards, doilies, lace curtains, purse, sunglasses and more all found in a Dogtown Dumpster and were all owned by Mabel as well.
  • The Coat belonged to the Saxophone owner………Black Friday and the Saxophone

Reverie: What do you dream?

PRIME’s 24 hour play…..  Season 2

PRIME creates raw, welcoming, and unorthodox theatre for all, encapsulating the ephemeral, and encouraging community engagement.        www.primetheatre.org/