from the Seib Family Trust, Edna the Artist

Edna the Artist

Edna was born in the early stages of the 20th century and was a teenager by 1920. These impressionable years would lead Edna into Art, growing from a school for gifted children to a top University student. She won awards, was featured in the local papers and made an impact in the river front neighborhoods of St Louis. Then came difficult years and the freedom she had morphed into survival, love and marriage. She never gained fame for her Art but was a fixture in the Lafayette Square city landscape she called home.

History is filled with millions of historical unknown Artists that appear like perennial flowers…. are beautiful to those who have the pleasure of direct experience with a creative soul, but they slowly disappear, with their family taking on the burden of keeping their Work visible. On the Seib Family Trust page lies the social media offerings of the real people that knew this Artist. They speak of Edna in a way, I never could and show off the fruits of their beloved Matriarch for the world to see. Honoring this artist takes finesse and sharing the powerful stories from the family.

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Edna Seib was a young woman born into wealth and privilege, however it was collective and created from the hard work of her family unit. The Seib Bakery, was a local institution and the family itself was remarkable from every angle. Carrie Seib her mother was magical, psychic and charismatic, the perfect combination for a Powerful Matriarch inspiring Alma, Pauline, Jeanette and Edna. The men of the family were strong, smart and sensitive using their talents for baking, coffee roasting, art, fishing, farming and anthropology. Is any wonder that the children of this situation would turn out anything …but brilliant.

The earliest history of Edna, is filled with adventure, riverfront drama and a very strange social scene. In the records at the Library Annex, she appears with awards for her art, philanthropy and garden designs. Her young art is filled with magic, elves, romance, bright colors and a 1920’s Art Deco influence. If she was in the modern age, she would blend into the Etsy crowd, doing crafts with her classically trained eye.

Edna went to McKinley high school in her neighborhood, then Washington University with a degree in Art. She flowed into the St Louis Guided Age scene of New Money excess. St Louis had the finest Universities, city parks, and patrons of the arts. There is a rumor that she worked on the Cathedral Basilica in the Central west end, with either stain-glass or mosaic work.

The late 1920’s were Edna’s realm, her playground, and the art is wonderful and magical. Edna Seib is a likely candidate for inheriting some of her Mother’s gifts, and training. A sensitive, a clairvoyant, or at least having some gift and in a cultural environment that was encouraging to young women to explore their gifts.

Edna was a member of a local female Art group called Shanti that often set up Psychic demonstrations in Christian Science halls, or Spiritualist churches and invited the young cultured women of the city to attend. Female empowerment was a strong focus in the women circles of St Louis. Carrie Seib was a known Suffragette and Business leader with the success of the family bakery, the influence makes Edna’s Art even more fascinating.

The vibrant color of her stain glass work, the mosaic fishes, color designs and color palate sensitivity was beautiful idealistic and hopeful. The girlish charm of picturesque nature and innocent wildlife, is like a proto-disney vision. Who can say where influences go, but I imagine Edna’s years before her marriage to be glorious. Her marriage years were interesting, as she took on motherly duties with two adopted girls, a 8000 square foot Victorian mansion and still found time to work on her Art.

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Edna cut out clippings from Magazines for 50 years, going through prints, graphic art and newspapers looking for inspiration. The whole family did art, everyone creating their own unique brand or medium. The hand-made folders containing the fruits of this work ended up in a dumpster, where I found them.

The Clippings folders were a way for Edna to save the things, a “swap file” for the creative juices, a way to store the memories, of past art guides, newspaper stories, art history and her love for Disney. Edna carefully clipped all the things that inspired her, then stored them categorized them into brown paper folders labelled with the details of her mind. @more on Folders

There are a lot neighborhood stories about the family members, each one is a unique creature. Carrie had her Spiritualist church which was the center of the family life, after the Bakery was sold. George was a family doctor, operating out of the old kitchen. Edna and her family lived in the Carriage houses over the years. After her Mother’s death in 1969, Edna became the Matriarch of 2323 Lafayette ave. Her brother, George stayed in charge of the house/finances, and her daughter returns to raise her children under the same roof. Edna is refined, cultured taking the top floor as her art studio, doing art, and cutting clippings until the mental decay of old age.

I don’t see myself as owning Edna Seib’s art, but something more powerful, the influences of her artistic mind.

I love that the Seib Family Trust is filled with true stories, and not my conjecture. One must find the narrative within the aspects of a science journal, the published magazine, or educational crowd or in my case, throw it on a website for history to see, but true stories are best told by those who lived it.

This is my honest attempt to gather interest in Edna the Art, a remarkable Artist that was almost forgot.

Edna Seib was a remarkable woman and artist. Her pulse on her culture speaks of her time, as all art tends to find itself a product of it’s own era and yet she moved through the ages with her own unique voice.