Hard Drives and Shameless Minds

A journey into the heart of a lost Hard Drive and the secrets that can not be told.

When one finds a content filled hard-drive and legally purchases it from a Goodwill outlet….is the ownership yours?

A simple question really, as I discovered a nice expensive mini portable hard-drive. What I discovered inside took me on a journey and revealed a story. This is a story that can not be revealed in it’s true form for the consiquences are especially dangerous.

Plugging the little drive in, I expected a security code, a firewall or some sort of blockage, but it fired up. I scanned for evidence of who it belong too within folders and one should begin such a journey with the “pictures” folder.

She was in her late 40s, blonde with a corporate job. Typical amount of selfies and boyfriend shots. She even had nudes. It was camera phone, no doubt. Together these photos painted a picture of a woman who lived an average life in a midwest suburb.

So why were these pictures on the hard drive of a Korean man?

*note: what comes next is conjecture based on internal information and online searches.

The Korean has a story that was far more interesting. Adopted in the 1980s at a young age, by Midwest suburban Christians who brought him to America…..Minnesota likey based on the photos. He grew up liking American things but was often the lone Asian kid at school without a decent memory of his ancestry.

He liked baseball, Nike shoes and computers, not that he was good at technology, as his hard drive would have been encrypted. He was more of a salesman type. In fact he had a powerful drive towards independence and upward mobility that was intense. The young man went to school, got good grades and constantly upgraded. He didn’t come from wealth but he wanted it.

After school he got recruited by a company, a well known one who went looking talent. They are based out of Chicago and their primary goal is Small Business consulting. Consultants are valuable in the small business world as they can help a small time operation grow into a million dollar venture. I’ll give you an example.

A company out of Texas buys old oil equipment no one wants. They clean them up and resell them to a growing market of small time Oil Barons with smaller budgets. The company was owned by two brothers who had connections through their father in the oil biz. The market was growing and they had a niche, but to expand required bigger more connected personnel and the small town former employees didn’t have the skill set.

Here comes our Korean consultant. Information is gathered and he builds a crew, to understand and assess the value. They did psychological profiles on the brothers: one wants a buy out and the other…. a family man, wants to leave it to his son to keep up the family tradition. I know all of this because of public records and a lawsuit, where the latter brother sued the consultant company.

*the hard drive contains dozen of these cases with all the little details mapped into graphs and charts.

It gets super dirty, as one brother takes the money and shares, and the consultants hire a manager who is skilled at take-overs. By the time it was said and done, the local staff was fired, the business grew and one angry former owner was forced to retire. The folders were damning as the evidence was laid out. Our young Korean was a high powered shark.

I don’t know where he met his wife, but there she is, married to him during the tough years when he spent it on the road all across the world doing consultant work. There he is in Sweden, Japan and Spain. They chatted online and had cyber sex, where he kept a copy. Yes, he recorded that and even had her photos from her phone.

The wife worked in fashion somehow. Nothing too obvious but her daily selfie count was astounding. A selfie for each outfit, for everyday, for years. There are the vacation photos to tropical locations, with bikini shots and smiling group photos. He even had her “before” and “after” shots when she had her breasts enlarged, paid for by his consultant work.

Our Korean was moving up in the world. The car got nicer and the house got bigger. He did go to Korea and sought out his heritage but was awkward in the photos, standing next to a poor Korean family.

When it came to a promotion, he had been a top agent for long enough and was put in charge of a branch office in Minnesota. The head office had formerly been his base, working directly with the CEO.

Let me tell you about the CEO. He was “in charge” but only of his office and staff. His father bank-rolled the company, owned the managers and handed out the business connections to those loyal and willing to jump at the chance to take over a small business competition or just add to their empire as partners.

The Father got into trouble a couple years ago during a Christmas party attended by celebrities and top politicans, when he might have had sexual relations with someone he shouldn’t have. The whole company has lawsuits by former female employees for a ton of grevious crimes. It was a Wall Street Men’s club for wild economic sharks.

There is another crime involving a campaign donation involving a former Presidental candidate but that’s the kind of thing that gets you sued for talking about.

*Shhh it was a Democrat running against a lawyer.

Here is where I tell you that ..this is why every part of this story is anonymous. Every lawsuit and criminal action against these Men has failed. Teflon Men is the apt term. Lawyers that even think about taking cases against the Firm are blackmailed and sued. Evidence disappears and witnesses are made to be silent.

I will not expose these people because I do not believe a system exists that can fullfill justice at this point in history.

Our Korean had secrets, and the files are there, exposing the underbelly of small business predator consulting, but it is not illegal. They play within the rules of a society built on capitalism.

The CEO also had some issues of the feminine kind. Before he got his branch office, he played the New York scene with his father, learning the chops and taking the same path of entitlement and aggressive tactics. He might have needed to hedge his bets and used the same defense senarios as his typical business mode. The CEO needed dirt and this is how I theorized our Korean got his post by taking care of the “clean up”.

Those first discovered photos belonged to a former employee and possible lover of the CEO of his company, who sued her former boss unsuccessfully…I wonder what she would think if she knew her nude photos are on the laptop of her former Korean born coworker?

John Grishm has nothing on this true life tale of corporate evils. In one sense, we can look up to the little immigrant who grew up in America and fullfilled the old Horatio Alger trick of making … it …big …via hard work and bit of the old Con-fidence game. He got the pretty blonde trophy wife, the fancy car and large house. In some ways he is his own boss, but to move up this corporate ladder requires a lot of dirty work.

One Hard Drive, found in a bin, at a Goodwill Outlet store, and the wealth of drama in each bit of information. A story that can not be told without dire consiquences of personal harm. Perhaps one day Karma will find it’s arrow in the heart of the matter and the onslaught will end in a public revolt.

There is a witchy woman in Florida with a metaphysical store, who accidentally hired these small business consultants, and whose efforts in growing her business was an absolute economic failure. When the court case was dismissed perhaps she put a hex on the whole lot?

Perhaps like a beating heart under our floor boards, driving our Korean mad, maybe he wonders where that hard drive ended up after he lost it while consulting or passing through St Louis.

There is no way that anyone could find it and be able to decifer the criminal worlds within?


The hard drive is in the safe hands of someone other than me. The Korean, CEO and these Global leaders in Small Business Consultancy are still operating a landscape of invisible immunity..

For now….

Moral of the story is….always have a password on your hard drives…or maybe it’s…karma is a bitch…who knows.