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The philosphy and works of Carrie Seib


This page is dedicated to Carrie Seib, a psychic who operated in the St Louis neighborhood of Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1964, created thousands of Channeled Poems and did Spiritualist Church Services which were recorded in the 1950’s.

the Audio tapes

Found in a Dumpster in October of 2015,  these recordings are taken from 16 Reel to Reel tapes recorded of the Independent Church of Truth’s Spiritualist Services from 1950 to 1956.    They were recorded and kept by George Seib until… Learn more

Carrie Seib

Carrie was born on June 21, 1884 in Germany, in the small village of Talheim by Velberg, near the town of Hall, in Wuerttemberg.  She was the twelfth of sixteen children and her baptismal name was Caroline Lena Proellochs.  Her… Learn more

The House at 2323

The History of the house at 2323 Lafayette Ave.   The location of the Independent Church of Truth and home to an unusual history containing that of a Civil War Steam Boat Captain, his family, August Nasse’s tragic losses, ghosts,… Learn more

the story thus far…………….

“Accidentally thrown away by contractors.  These are the 1950’s recordings of a local unknown psychic.”

On a brisk autumn day in the Lafayette Square area while wandering with his son, Lew Blink found a psychic in a dumpster.  At time he didn’t know what he had found.  Spurned on by the discovery of some interesting Dumpster Archeology artifacts, Lew found a series of Reel to Reel tapes with the name Carrie Seib written on them.  While looking for clues online and in the trash haul, it was discovered a compelling story that would bring the work of Carrie to the world.  On top of the unusual aspects found on the tapes, three volumes of poetry have been found in libraries all over the world.  The classification of “spirit writing”  as a side-note would be ignored by most of the academic institutions.  Tens of thousands of her German poems remain unpublished and the prophetic nature of her channeled messages have yet to be discovered.

From a RFT article

     "After finding the tapes, Blink spent the next five months tracing the path that turned Carrie Seib from housewife 
to mystic. He also uncovered details about the German-born steamboat captain who originally built 2323 Lafayette in 1882.
 The fruits of Blink's research became a sweeping art project he calls Dumpster Archaeology, which will premier this 
weekend in Lafayette Square during the Strange Folk Festival. Using doors, windows and artifacts recovered from dumpster, 
Blink says visitors will be able to step into a mock "living room" that tracks the life of 2323 Lafayette through the 
decades. The installation will be located at the northeast corner of Lafayette Park."

Lew Blink :     “The Dumpster Archeology project would grow into a fascinating experience that would reshape my understanding of reality.  Here was as far as I discovered a truly altruistic woman who held such amazing gifts and love for her fellow humankind.  She would devote an enormous amount of her time helping her community.  I always say you can only judge a tree by it’s fruit, Carrie and her children were remarkable and their output on the social fabric of St Louis is evident.  With the support of many people I was able to present the Dumpster Archeology Project and the audio to the Lafayette Square neighborhood during the Strange Folk Festival  and  meet the owners of the house, get a late night tour, and meet the remaining family of Carrie Seib.  My life became entrenched with the very people I was studying.  Jeanette was the little girl mentioned on the tapes in 1955 and her son was featured in the 1983 article that gave me the clues I needed to uncover the history of the house.    Every facet of this story is amazing, from George and Edna the children of Carrie to Conrad Fink the guy who owned the original house before the 1896 Tornado.   It was too big a story for me to tell and together with Jeanette and Tom, we decided that her work needed to be revealed to the world for what it was.   As I listened to the audio tapes I realized the relevance of her words, her poetry and her philosophy.  So that was the plan, to find as many ways as we can to tell this true story.  I hope Carrie Seib is remembered by St Louisians as a local icon,  her poetry is read by poetry fans who can appreciate the devotion she had for the craft and those curious about the strangeness of ghosts/psychics/channeling accepting that these things are worthy of our attention.”

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  • What you are about to read is completely true as it was uncovered, and as a great mind once said,  Sometimes things are not only stranger than you suppose, they are stranger than you CAN suppose. 

Dumpster Archeology and Carrie Seib returns to Strange Folk Festival on

Strange Folk Festival 2017: Wheneverland is September 22nd-24th, 2017 in Lafayette Park, St. Louis, MO

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