It’s been over half a decade since the words Dumpster and Archeology were slung together for a strange project that has been lovingly called ….a multidimensional rabbit hole.  Indeed this moniker has been used on social media, for 3 websites, 2 publications, 4 art installations, 50 plus articles on and a Documentary.

Dumpster Archeology is a weird creation that has a Creator in local artist and “space-maker” Lew Blink. He would go on record saying the whole thing is basically “a punk Indiana Jones trash adventure with National Geographic zine motifs, public spectacles and the DIY aspect of a Dumpster Diver.” He also seems to think the whole Project progresses on its own, as if the ghosts found in the trash, do most of the work. A bit strange to say the least, but as Hunter S Thompson had a major influence on Lew, separating fact from fiction isn’t the point…. you either enjoy the madness or move on.

At the heart of Dumpster Archeology is a simple ancestral remembering, an effort to not lose track of our stories, our legacy and to find a way to honor what was almost lost.  “This is a book, or a multi-dimensional rabbit hole” an experiment in piecing together a doorway to a multi-dimensional rabbit hole.  Some stories are too big for one person, the story must be shared and since this Project deals with Trash, History and Dead People, than the scope already exceeds the capacity of collective memory and falls into depths of human chaos.

If there is too be any order, it must then fall to a date, a dumpster and a simple story, before we get lost in the depths of the strange corridor of this Book that is also a multi-dimensional rabbit hole. Click on any chapter to find a different story.