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Dumpster Archeology

History uncovered from Dumpsters

April 30, 2018 By lewblink

Dumpster Archeology is an on-going Holistic History project in St Louis, based around the storytelling experiences of Dumpster Diving and the uncovered artifacts related to the poetic lives of the recently passed or forgotten.  Each Story and related collection are analysed obsessively  for possible signs of inspiration, then sent into the collective human consciousness through various mediums and experiences. These direct experiences are paired with this “archeological” information. Our choice to use the word archeology with this spelling is rather telling.  This is not an academic endeavor but entertainment with the essence of Storytelling.   

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1. Zen and Mister Titus

2. 2323 Lafayette Ave

3. Mabel, Queen of Dogtown

4. the Last paintings of Edward Menges

5. Ernst Janssen

6. Maude Witthall Collection

7. The Sobbing Man Collection

8. Black Friday and the Saxophone

Sarah Jane goes to Paris

Strange Folk Festival

George Seib M.D.

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—Spirits discovered through the Dumpster–


     DreamManger for PRIME’s new six plays about Dreaming

  The Artists:

      @ Edward Menges –  the last paintings of Edward Menges

          @  Mister R. Titus  –   Zen and Mister Titus

         @  Ernst Janssen -Architect of the Guilded age of St Louis

       The Seib Family:       

           @ Carrie Seib – intro to Lost Psychic of Lafayette Square

                                                          @ Carrie Seib’s Poetry books

                                                                          @ Independent Church of Truth                                                                    

          @ Edna Seib-  Artist and Clipper

           @ Professor George Seib MD – Anthropologist

      The Mothers:          

         @ Maude Witthall –  Pioneer Woman of Missouri

            @ Mabel Fitzwater –   the glamorous Queen of Dogtown

          @ Sarah Jane –  Goes to Paris

    The Stories :                 

        @  the Sobbing man-  a tale of Dumpster woe 

     @  the Psychic Spiritualists Reel to Reels of Carrie Seib

    @  Strange Folk Festival –  the View from 2323 

      @ Strange Discoveries in Dumpsters                                                   

      @  Dumpster Archeology Scrapbooks                                                                 

     @  Black Friday and the Saxophone

      @  Ripple of Exisitence and Kismet Creative Center

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Article for the digital RFT times —-   Found in a Dumpster, the Psychic of Lafayette Square Returns for Strange Folk

by   Danny Wicentowski

People are made of stories, not atoms.

Article for STL Magazine digital  —— The Story of a Long-Forgotten St. Louis Psychic Recovered—From the Trash 
by Thomas Crone

quoteThe big question’s always been, ‘why did they throw all this out?’ Well, there was an enormous amount of stuff left over,” Blink notes. “The family lived there for part of 80 years. A lot of what was thrown out was thought to be damaged. Like, there are some wax cylinders that are too moldy to salvage. The reel-to-reels, I don’t think they knew what those were; it was probably a contractor who threw those away. The house had had rain damage, water damage. The house had sat empty for 15 years. © Dumpster Archeology 2018 Theme GalleryPress designed by ThemeCountry.