Psychedelic killed my bunny

Psychedelics killed my bunny!

In 2014 I started a Psychedelic Club, that was open to the public through Meetup. Basically a social scene for people who admit to doing illegal drugs. People said I was nuts, and likely I am, but it became one of the most significant creations of my life.

A strange secret is.. I was fairly inexperienced with psychedelics as my last “trip” had been 15 years before. I really didn’t know very much about the subject of Entheogens, other than a lot of psychedelic literature consumption and large online exploration. My direct experience was lacking as of late.

So I started a psychedelic club on the Spring Equinox of 2014 with a small handful of friends. Inspired by Terence McKenna and a San Francisco branch…I created the world’s 3rd or 4th Psychedelic Society, depending on who you ask.

A Meet-up leader must be informed so….. I learned…

Sometimes with micro-doses of an LSA(Lysergic Acid) illuminating my mind with inter-connectivity and pattern recognition ability.

I studied and learned absorbing all the Psychedelic classics, listening to the podcasts, and reading the trip reports on Erowid. “Psych-head” actually meant something very specific in certain circles, and the crossover into the musical realms is obvious.

This is Hunter S Thompson’s world, Terence McKenna’s high territory, with Huxley and Leary forging new spaces. We are tripping with the greats psychonauts, digging into the obscure worlds of shamans, plants, magic and altered states of consciousness. This is where the cool kids who didn’t care about “things”, fame or money seemed to find themselves. The outer edges of cosmic weirdness.

Psychedelic culture was to be found at festivals, raves, Grateful dead shows and surrounding some really weird movies. It grew out of science and military interests, the freaks, and the experiments into the far-out regions of Humanity. It was cyberpunk, transhumanism, shamanism, pagan and often feminist. New age circles consume the sacraments, and Silicon Valley thrives on it.

I wanted more of the oddness. I wanted to explore my inner realms, I wanted to see some DMT Elves and experience the Oneness. I wanted to explore the creases of creativity, and hope that Spirituality would again…mean… something.

A tall order, but They delivered. The Psychedelics are exactly what I thought they were and then not anything like my expectations. I found legal options, and illegal. I learned and I grew, matured and flowered. Magic and Elves returned, God and Goddess devotion and I did all of it… while running a public Psychedelic Club.

So after 3 years and 70 meetings, I moved on to other things, other arts and other tribes. I followed magical threads, danced in odd places, loved strange people, pushed my boundaries, consumed plants, did rituals, discovered wonder and came out a complete Mystic. (I got some really odd skills too which is a longer story)

So was worth it to start a Psychedelic Society? My personal discovery was a priceless journey, that was also a shared journey …because I invited a bunch of people on the internet to take the journey with me for a little while. The Psychedelic Society of St Louis was a creation of love and circumstance. Those meetings became treasures, a rare type of art and a sacred direct experience.


My bunny ran away one day, when I was at a psychedelic festival. The causality between two forces is a mute plot device with no substance as my bunny named Lutdwidge escapes my home while I am away tripping on Mushrooms …at Cosmic Reunion …communing with the leftover 200 acres of an old mining town.

Weird things happen when you take psychedelics, even weirder things happen when you also talk publicly about the subject for 3 years.

Poor bunny☹Great Trip🤪