a Psychic Reality Magazine

Historical Psychics exist, they thrive in urban areas for decades, talking to ghosts, channeling poetry and supporting a community with their wisdom.

It is rare to find the historical information of such a figure, but we have that in Carrie Seib. She operated in the Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1969. A massive sphere of influence.

WE explore this psychic reality with stories, poetry and even the words of this Lost Psychic.

Chapter 1: The lost Psychic of Lafayette Square

the true tale of a Psychic who operated for 40 years in the Square

Chapter 2: Reel to Reel tapes

of the Lost Psychic

listen to the actual voice of the Lost psychic found in a dumpster and her deep wisdom from 1950’s St Louis

Chapter 3: Poems of higher purpose

Gedichte der Hoheren Kraft

The Channeled poetry books of Carrie Seib and the story of how they got published.

Chapter 4: the House

the House at 2323

the full story..as it is known.

chapter 5: Carrie Seib

The Biography of Carrie Seib