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Historical Psychics exist, they thrive in urban areas for decades, talking to ghosts, channeling and supporting a community with their wisdom. Popular culture says they are all con artists and demand proof of validity, while ignoring the other percentage of State Sanctioned Religious beliefs that operate with complete impunity.

The debate over “what is real” can never be won, as each side of the spectrum of belief has direct experience in their corner. My interest is in the true historical figures, that dabble in these “other worldly” realms and remain key figures of change in the world around them.

Chapter 1: The lost Psychic of Lafayette Square

The true tale of a Psychic who operated for 40 years in the Square

History education tends to ignore these underground Spiritual Seekers, attempting to hold superstition at bay with denial, despite the fact the Spectrum of Weirdness is always in the background.

It is rare to find the historical information of such a figure, but we have that in Carrie Seib. She operated in the Lafayette Square neighborhood of St Louis from 1923 to 1969 and held a massive sphere of influence. The Seib family had a lot of money from the Seib Bakery and Dr George Seib’s Washington University salary, that they could fully support their Matriarch in her spiritual journey and hold her legacy as a true Visionary to this day.

A belief in Psychic Ability isn’t needed for this Story. The Hollywood version of psychics is not the vision we seek. This is an honest attempt to understand the true historical person who claims to be psychic.

WE explore this psychic reality with stories, poetry and even the words of this Lost Psychic herself.

The Historical public record for Carrie Seib is very short. She hit someone with her car in the late 1920’s and she had a Spiritualist Church advertised in the paper. Her children got more press for their Art, and anthropology/medical work. In fact, the house at 2323 Lafayette drive is much more famous than all three. Publicity was not a desired effect for Carrie Seib, as the church remained an underground figure for most of it’s run. Yet the church ledgers and Information provided by the Reel to Reels reflect the Church had a constant flow of public support for 30 years.

Carrie Seib had a profound impact on the landscape of St Louis but that imprint is truly anyone’s guess. If she was able to do the things she claimed, is really not the point. St Louis city and it’s populace supported this operating Psychic for a long time, exchanging money and services based on her ability to her inspire her community.

What of Dr. George Seib, Anthropology Professor, Medical Doctor, neighborhood Icon and all around amazing human? Are we to believe, that this man of science supported the efforts of his Mother and her psychic ways. After her death, he spent a lot of time and money, publishing her book, maintaining a family devotion to her legacy. Fact is, George sent her poetry to academic schools all over the world, labeling the book Spirit Writing and stating his complete belief in her ability.

I met a local real estate agent who is quite wealthy and lives in Lafayette Square. She knew the family, the legacy and proudly has the Psychic Poetry books on her book shelf. Once again, it doesn’t matter if you believe in psychics or not, Carrie Seib was well known in St Louis and that was all that mattered. No evidence of a “confidence game” has been found. The books were never intended for sales, but longevity and appreciation. Those thousands of Church Attendees that left money in the donation box, did it willingly, as an exchange for her Spiritual wisdom,.

The question becomes, was Carrie a Spiritual leader? There is only one way to find out, and that is the direct experience of reading her words, she left for us.

What is the Psychic Reality?

Through our exploration of this real life historical character, we see that Carrie was a woman, Mother, hard working Lutheran and from a part of German where it is generally understood that Dreams can be prophetic, Ghosts wander old places, and the Spiritual realm can be mapped with rational, and irrational minds alike. Carrie explored these realms with poetry, trance like states and an outpouring to the community of the peace she found in flowers, sunlight and the Great Spirit.

Not all psychics are con-artists, some are true believers, who operated successfully in a supporting landscape and community, but generally disappeared from history as unknowns. The public has a rare to chance to challenge their beliefs and see the humanity that lies in the reality of our neighbors and ancestor’s real lives. Hopefully our Psychic Reality can be examined with emotional maturity and the gift of the Spirit, can manifest in the lives of those willing to open their hearts to a mysterious universe

Chapter 6: Carrie Seib

The Biography of Carrie Seib