Breakthrough Fractal Grids with Randy Titus

Breakthrough Fractal Grids with Randy Titus

2016: One rainy night a friend messaged me and said “You got to check out a dumpster “. Looking out at the rain I felt was done telling stories about the people I found in Dumpsters, but something deep within said, go and look, one last time. Just at the point I left the city for the forest, one last Death Purge would pull me back for another great story, so compelling, it would reshape my life.

17 yr old Randy in the paper

I found this photo of the Young Artist looking out at me from a newspaper blurb from 1965. Randy Titus looks so certain that his life will be full of art, and it was. What I found in that dumpster is only a small part of the lifetime of achievements and art produced by this artist. The Randy Titus Collection is extraordinary in its scope of genius and craftsmanship. Out of curiosity and with a pure sense of awe, we fall into the epic rabbit hole and descend into the Soul of this Artist.

1986 Article about Randy.

This is the complete Randy Titus Rabbit Hole. From that first night, the funeral, the Art, the Science Fiction novel and his teaching syllabus. We Breakthrough together into the Fractal Grid of this unusual Artist.

Part 1: Doppelganger

the Randy Titus Memorial

Part Art Show, Part Funeral, an introduction to the Randy Titus world.

The Art of Randy Titus is a vast playground of experimentation, solidification and aptitude. Throughout his life as he improved his skills in painting, photography, drumming, digital painting, writing, and education. He also sought ways of expressing deep philosophical concepts with a Zen like approach, child-like wonder and heart-felt emotions. You can feel a Randy Titus piece on subconscious levels, and can appreciate the enthusiasm he brings to his work. With a dedicated skilled hand, Randy left us a unseen Legacy.

What was it that drew this classically trained Artist into Science Fiction? Had he always dreamed of publishing or did he have something very specific to say? By 1990, a solid draft ended up in the hands of his lover, who could see through the fictional veil and see herself and her son, as characters in Randy’s unusual vision of a Virtual Reality future. Three copies of the story were found in a Dumpster, two containing notes made by his Love and a 3rd seemingly a final copy. Why was it never published and what visionary ideals are found within?

The BioMythographeology of Randy is a revealing look at his character, love of family, and the unusual influences that helped create this Artist, but what does it say about his Art. Through his own works we read of the influence of his Grandfather, and view the messy notes as he traced his family tree.

Part 4: Titus Family History

the Biomythographeology of Randy Titus

In 2005, Randy took a break from the complex and painstakingly micro-digital work he was doing with his Computer Art, to do an experiment in meaninglessness. Gleaned from book highlights and his own notes, we can trace the inspiration of the Russian Abstract Artists to the satire and clever word play Randy enjoyed. His opus No Semblance of Meaning became a project like no other, and points us deeper into the philosophical world he understood.

Part 5: No Semblance of Meaning

Randy Titus’s grand abstract experiment,

In 2018, a little birdy told me, the dumpsters by the Carpenter Branch Library were full again with Randy Titus’s stuff. A year and half later, and he still had things to share. The All the Art article had been published and I still wanted to understand his philosophy. That night in 2018, I found an unusual 3 ring binder full of Resumes, Graphic Art designs and written philosophical prose. This was my biggest clue into the mind of the man and his vision on how one becomes an Artist.

Going back in time to Randy’s time in College is a rare glimpse at how he developed his artistic skills. His photos are framed beautifully, capturing intimate moments at parties, moments with lovers, and his journey through inspiration. This is the 1960’s in Indianapolis Indiana, where a sense of Americana is mixed with academic designs, a city shifting demographics and Randy discovers a future of Art with the click of his unique photographic eye.

Dream Manager is an idea Randy Titus formed in his Science Fiction Novel Breakthrough. A sort of Artificial Intelligence program designed to fulfill inward desires in a Virtual Reality world. So inspired was I by this novel, that I used the inspiration to forge a Window Display Art Experience for a Cherokee street Theater Group. This is one last story with Randy Titus as the hero and inspriation.

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