Reel to Reel tapes

The Psychic Reel to Reel tapes.

of Carrie Seib

dumpster story / By Lew

Found in a Dumpster in October of 2015,  these recordings are taken from 16 Reel to Reel tapes recorded of the Independent Church of Truth Spiritualist Services from 1949 to 1957.  They were recorded and kept by her son George Seib until they mysteriously disappeared after his death and were accidentally discovered in a dumpster in 2015. 

George was a Medical Doctor and educator of Anthropology at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.  His attempts to record and preserve his mother’s legacy as a Spiritualist Medium and prolific Poet was a lifetime goal.  

Carrie Seib 1956 lecture All are Equal:

What has been uncovered is that Carrie Seib had a unique philosophy that contained some standard Spiritualist ideas, some classic Channeling, Lutheran influences, Scientific interests in Psychology and Methodology, and her own personal revelations. She is speaking from the 3rd floor of her home off Lafayette Square on Sunday Evenings at 8 pm.

Carrie Seib 1950 – Spirit reading:

Carrie Seib 1950 – What Blessings are these:

On a brisk autumn day in the Lafayette Square area while wandering with his son, Lew Blink found a psychic in a dumpster.  At time he didn’t know what he had found.  Spurned on by the discovery of some interesting Dumpster Archeology artifacts, Lew found a series of Reel to Reel tapes with the name Carrie Seib written on them.  While looking for clues online and in the trash haul, it was discovered a compelling story that would bring the work of Carrie to the world. 

On top of the unusual aspects found on the tapes, three volumes of poetry have been found in libraries all over the world.  The classification of “spirit writing”  as a side-note would be ignored by most of the academic institutions.  Tens of thousands of her German poems remain unpublished and the prophetic nature of her channeled messages have yet to be discovered.