Sarah Jane goes to Paris

She dreamed of Paris often, especially when the Fall collection come in at Department Store where she once worked. This small town girl worked hard to get into college, University of Missouri (Go Tigers), and graduated with a degree in Home Economics and Design. Her time on the floor of a retail floor prepared her for developing fashion tastes, and those culinary course she watched of Juila Child on Tv, prepared her for the French Cooking.

Sarah had been ready for Paris her whole life, and after 8 years as a full time Mom, her husband Robert took her on the adventure of a lifetime. They flew out of Lambert Airport on TWA Flight 819 to Paris/Degualle. Seat 16 c and b with a dinner included. The flight cost 610 dollars with tax, the year is 1999. Mickey, the travel agent, set up the whole thing in his office in Des Peres. The details are only culturally interesting, as travel agents, TWA and European Travel for so cheap remain a distant memory.

I know all of this because Sarah Jane died almost a decade ago, and all the memorabilia of his Paris trip was saved from a dumpster. The only remaining scraps of memory left are in a scrapbook I made for her. There is her ticket for the airplane, her receipt from Mickey the travel agent, maps, notebooks and the postcards she send her son Gus. Sarah Jane inspires me because Paris was her dream and that reality is beautifully preserved in the Dumpster Archeology archive.

There is not much to say but enjoy the beautiful artifacts from Paris in 1999.

Bonjour Gus and Nanny — Today we toured the Louvre Museum and Wow! that place is so interesting! we could see the Eiffell Tower in the distance. it is so huge that it looked close by but, really, it would even have been too far to walk! Look on the reverse and see how to multiply!

Love Mommy and Daddy (Sarah Jane and Robert)