The End of Dumpster Diving 2020 Digital Magazine

Summer of 2020 Digital

We reached the end of civilization… the halfway mark of the summer of 2020….all we knew was breathing through masks and survival instincts. Most of the retail shops were closed and the dumpsters remained empty as protesters stalked the night streets. It felt like we reached the finish line.

Civilization was crumbling and we wonder, was this also the end of Dumpster Diving?

Dumpster Archeology Magazine presents: The end of Dumpster Diving

Chapter 1:

a Dirt-Bag Renaissance Man

A short thread of weirdness from some discovered Muscle man Trophies, a Portland based Comedian and one Dirt-bag Renaissance Man.

Covid-19 ended the College Exodus, as there was no students in the Dormitories. For months I avoided the city, with its alleyways remaining unexplored. The isolation of the Modern age had come full circle.

The Dumpsters were silent.

Then one day, they spoke to me again. Those Dumpsters Souls with the stories, those lost items called out with a desire to be remembered. Suddenly in the month of July….. the Dumpster cases developed.

Chapter 2:

Randy Titus Slides

Freshly digitalized slides from one of Dumpster Archeology’s 2nd most well known artist….Randy Titus

There was Revolution in the air, there was Madness on the streets and all I wanted to remember the past… find that which we lost. I was pulled into the hard metal edges of our collective memory disappearing into Dumpsters.

Dumpster Archeology had changed, the essence was purified in the fires of rebellion.

No one is safe, the trash always speaks the Truth.

Chapter 3:

Hard Drives and Shameless Minds

a descent into a story that can not be told, and corruption on deep levels of our capitalistic system.

Had the American dream been an illusion? As what it took, to get to the top….always seemed to have a dark side.

Perhaps we collectively woke up from a bad dream, the day Covid showed us our civilization was standing on the bones of common American lies.

Chapter 4:

the North Omaha Maps

North Omaha and one engineering firm who is famous for environmental consulting, meet in a strange story of Dumpster Dived Maps and Greening efforts.

This perhaps wasn’t the End of Dumpster Diving…..but the beginning of something new.

I pursued the edges of our human animal-ness and lost mental understanding. A whole new era had begun!

Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Chapter 5:

The Big Red One ……. or the way of the Tour Guide

a strange short fiction story surrounding the True Life Art work of a Russian Artist and inspired by the soft Covid opening of Laumeier Sculpture park.

As Dumpster Archeology took on new cases, discovered strange territory, I also reached deeper into the past. The project was lent a high powered Negative Scanner to uncover something lost.

Randy Titus was up first with as a long time Dumpster Soul of the project, and his slides revealed such beauty.

The Jensen slides revealed 1986 Communist China, and the story of the Missionary Brothers returning to the land of their birth, grew into a story that is quite fascinating and emotional.

Chapter 6:

The Jensen Slides of Communist China

Two Brothers in Communist China, May of 1986, exploring the place of their birth. Their story and photographs were discovered in a Dumpster.

The Summer of 2020 was wrapping up. Time seemed to quicken toward a return to normal.. but it was anything but normal, as unemployment and political insanity was ahead of us.

The Age of Post-Scarcity Economics is over and the Reckoning lay ahead.

What future is there in the field of Dumpster Archeology…when Rome burns?

Crazy things Found in a Dumpster

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