the evolution of dumpster archeology

of Dumpster Archeology

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From the dumpsters of Tampa to South St Louis, Lew Blink has been a dumpster diver since 2001. A long untold tale of thrifty efforts, strange art and it all ends with this website. How did we get from survival of the post 9/11 years to the artistic experience of Dumpster Archeology?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 –  Origin Story of a dumpster diver

Chapter 2- Confessions of a Dumpster Archeologist

Chapter 3-  Punk Rock Christmas

Punk Rock Christmas

.Chapter 4 – For the thrill of Dumpster Diving

Death Purge: … to rid yourself of the possessions of the deceased in an indiscriminate way, and be free of the guilt of letting go.

We begin with an exploration of the phrase Death Purge and the meaning behind it.

Chapter 5 – Death Purge and letting go

Death Purge lost souls and stories

We move deeper into the realms of a Death Purge exploring other cultural attitude to “death cleaning”

Chapter 6 – Döstädning- Swedish Death Cleaning

Death Purge lost souls and stories

We move from explanations and meanings into actual examples. Two Stories saved from Trash Oblivion

Chapter 6 – The Sobbing Man

Chapter 7 – the Widow and the Paintings

In the end, letting go is exactly where the Project had to go. We can not hang on to the past like a ball and chain, dragging around the life and passions of other people. Dumpster Archeology said what it needed to say and the finale was an epic example of the potentials of saving history from the trash.

Chapter 8 – Artica 2021 and the end of Dumpster Archeology

Artica 2021 digital magazine

While the Project is done and current work revolves around tell the story of what happened, it could be reborn with new characters, new tales and new Death Purges. The story I needed to tell has been told and as always….its not only stranger than you suppose, it’s stranger than you can imagine.

Thank you for reading…From your friendly Dumpster Archeologist. Lew Blink