The Hive

What if….within your personal essence there are parts of you, parts that help create your human experience, what if some of those parts were collective in nature?

The Hive…our collective human mind.

This is not a new idea, those Greeks philosophers spelled IT out, the Bhagavad Gita exposes IT, and the roots of Christianity are seeped in IT.

IT is the Collective side of your Humanity.

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from Sheldrake’s website

Rupert Sheldrake has a term that explains it’s edges and relates the animal roots of his Morphic Field theory.

Julian Jaynes explained the creation of IT in his work, saying our Bicameral Mind was forged and split as human consciousness evolved.

Terence McKenna connected us philosophically to our Mother Earth and claims one simply must explore the history of Alchemy and Taoism to find this Collective experience.

I am talking about the Hive mind, the Matrix, Logos, the Field and to go back into the Mystical worlds of the past, some like the term Divine or if you must…….God.This is a Universal model of reality that has many maps, but is largely built out of words, images and symbols. We BEGIN to see the “other side” of the coin, where the collective reflects Our humaneness as the subjective individual clamors for survival against so many odds.

The Hive Mind is a confusing idea, that brings us to more confusing ideas. How is a particle also a wave? How can a person have both genders? How is symmetry a global phenomenon and the standard dualistic nature of the entire universe?

When does the Collective become the Individual?

The answer for that last one is easy, it seems the Collective was always…also the Individual.

Aldous Huxley wrote a wonderful book about this topic, you might have heard of it…it’s called Brave New World. Spoiler alert: John Savage hung himself at the end of that book unable to live in a society that crushes individual spirit.

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Speaking of brave…the Sexual Revolution that is occurring in modern culture is built on a non-binary, multi-gender openness that has rarely been seen in Collective society. It seems the Conversation over individual needs is becoming a Wave of collective action.

As Black Lives Matter Marches lead mostly by Women of Color, successfully plead their case on the Streets of America toward awareness and a seeking of personal freedom from the oppressive Powers that Be.

These huge social Revolutions are met with resistance by the Dinosaurs unable to put politics/religious dogma aside to allow personal freedom to flourish as it spreads collectively deep into all of the World’s Cultures and social change explodes in popular thought.

When we see the Hive within, and know that all humans are equal, it seems so unnecessary to have to fight for something so obvious and yet.. something must be done..soon.

Many young people intuitively understand the idea of the Hive, that humanity is actually one species. That our biological make up is our legacy, our dna is our birthright and our minds are a collective hive of human experience.

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Circadian Rhythm

One can be both collective and individual….have we lost this understanding?

Freedom is a universal thing, it must be so, in order to exist. We have no choice but fight for freedom, for our individual destiny, and our joint humanistic endeavors.

This isn’t a story designed to PROVE a point. I am no scientist, nor am I a preacher. Perhaps I am a bit of both, as are you and anyone who thrives with dualistic natures.

The Science seems to point to parts of the brain, serotonin pathways, and social patterns, that connect to dreaming, circadian rhythms and the universal symbology of humanity. Have you ever have a dream you lived in a foreign land, were another person, in a strange city, both familiar and unknown?

Listen to your dreams, they are a large part of the human story, the human experience and we would not have the ability to enter the Hive, without those nervous system neurochemical dream makers.

If it’s all just a dream, than why fight? Why hate? How can we think of any human alive as less than ourselves…. if we are also made of that which makes them? This Hive Mind is the great equalizer. Your body is made of mostly water and the molecules that directly work with the global eco-system in which we thrive. We are IT.

Your mind is electric and your feelings are chemical. You breathe trees, and collect dirt on your body, made of ancient things that you also once were….a very long time ago. All our human communication, our hyper connected brains, our technology and laws, they are small parts of a Collective Unconsciousness…

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So…yeah…that’s Carl Jung’s reality map and many people do agree that IT has a shape, IT is a Hive, IT is collective and we are participating in the experience of sharing neurological fantasizes and linguistic patterns, so we can hallucinate within the networks of a dual sided hemisphere brain cortex that we share.

We need to accept as a society, and a human species, our collective effort is necessary and we all survive or none of us do.

Perhaps I’ll see you back in the Hive Network tonight …..if you wanna hang for a bit in the ethers of our collective dream reality.