Dr Jensen goes to China

The Jensen Collection

Few of the Dumpster Archeology stories have a distinct happy ending and the Jensen Collection is one that does. What we know now at the end is more beautiful and interesting that previously thought. Dr Jensen’s Collection gave us inspiring moments and then was returned back to the family. This is a wonderful outcome for the dumpster diver who purges as easily as collects.

Artica 2021 Special Digital issue

What we know now is during the 2020 Covid outbreak raging across America, disruption was standard. The elderly couple named Jensen moved out of their Soulard house in haste and necessity, accidentally losing some priceless items. As the Movers indiscriminately tossed memory out, my chance encounter that day with a camera crew, filming a documentary was simply fate as the box of memories went home with me.

The Slides drew my attention instantly and I was loaned a scanner capable of turning them into digital gold. Research is easy and the story emerges. Grandma Jensen, the Missionary birthed the Jensen boys in 1920s era China and then in 1986, the elderly “boys” went back for one last look at their birth homes. However it was the quality of the photos that caught my attention and that was story that needed telling and so I did. Below is the first draft.

The Jensen Slides of Communist China were indeed amazing but I felt there was more to tell, so I dug deeper into the story using the old newspaper from New York, the notes of Dr Jensen and the written words I discovered, to create a Bio-Mythographeology page. This experiment in story telling uses the words of the Dumpster dived soul. The new chapter was amazing and filled in more to the story, as the complexity builds.

Once the China trip was covered on the website, pretty soon the Collection had more to say. The mystery of the Illustrations came next and that was a fun story dipping deeper into the younger Jensen’s life as a Doctor. As I prepared for the Final Dumpster Archeology event, I wanted to show off the humor of the younger Jensen. The mystery was solved when a local illustrator saw the hanging art work and knew the artist. This is the story of Steve Sheldon and the humorous Dr Jensen.