The Melancholy of being Magical

The Melancholy of being Magical

It’s not easy being magical. A sadness can strike a soul during the difficult journey a magical person must walk. We often find it difficult to be in relationships, working within cultures and struggle with our sense purpose. Reaching out with our vague, irrational mysterious language to attempt to define something that exists without words… we simply hope.

It is a strange hope, that the modern world can adapt to include all the funny little nuances of our magical ways. Often it seems far away and mythical like a novel. There are no support groups or self help books focused on our unique pain. Most people are taught to not believe in magic, psychics or energy healers. The Melancholy can be seen as a struggle with something that does not exist.

Magical people are true Outsiders.

Where is the advocacy, our civil rights movement and how do we address our lack of purpose in a society that doesn’t believe?

Go back a hundred years or so, and everyone believes in magic. Even those Christians so driven to wipe us off the face of the Earth…believe. Magic is in the land, it is in spirits floating down from the heavens and used to aid the human species in it’s efforts to survive existing on Terra.

Magic was always a part of rituals, that manifest each Spring and Fall. In the efforts to appease the winter blues with holidays built out of superstition and collective energy. Magic is found in the healers and the power behind a long history of self biological repair. Herbs and plants hold special importance in healing and the “witch” was simply a method of cultivation and drying of former living things.

Magic also goes deep into psychic trances, remote information gathering, intense rituals, sacrifices and using the power of symbols to manipulate reality itself. Magic is in Yoga, Theosophy, Masonry, Transformation and Art. Science itself is built from Alchemy, Philosophy and Astrology.

If we go far back to the tribal eras, no matter the geographical location or color of skin, one finds a universality of shamans, healers and a psychic connection to the Planet itself. It’s not wishful thinking, it is documented by science and history that within the structure of Tribal lifestyle there existed the Chiefs, Matriarchs, Storytellers, Hunters, Skilled craftspeople and the People of Magical Knowledge.

It has been theorized by some, that the “shaman” was most often biological, down both masculine and feminine bloodlines. That genetic traits were passed down with special gifts and abilities. Adversely some psychics are born special, or had such a severe trauma/medical abnormality that the magical arts were their only choice of finding purpose. Some seem to be chosen by Otherworldly sources.

Magic is there in vast spaces of Africa, where Rain Queens and their Daughters travelled performing healings, miracles and weather related needs.

Magic is there in the East as well, into Ancient Indian caste systems, Priestcraft and Temple keepers from certain Tribes. The Bon influence is strong in Tibetan Buddhism and the Taoists do not hide the magical side of Tantra and Qui Gong. Japan is still full of Shinto magical doorways called Torii Gates.

Druids, Pagans, Spiritualists, Voodoo, Santaria, and so many more still practice magic to this day.

When one starts to look around, you see it everywhere. Even the Capitalists use magic on the general public, only they have different names for it. Symbology is used on archetypal levels against the minds of the public and within popular culture …..the rise of Magical interest is astounding. You begin to see it everywhere, only it doesn’t exist, right?

Which bring us to the Melancholy. Imagine you were born magical. All your life, you just knew that some of the things you have experienced, the unmentionables…. was real. Those ghosts, spirits, synchronicity, past life, energy exchanges, star charts or some other magical thing you know really existed, meant something important. It is hard to explain why you believe, but you do.

Some of us have explored that feeling and have been down rabbitholes, walked the strange path lines and came away with zero doubt, that magic is real. What to do next….. is just a matter of style. Living a magical life is filled with diversity and is really the only path that makes sense.

If it is easy to imagine, than you might be a magical person and perhaps you have dealt with the Melancholy. How can one come to grip with something that is listed as a Psychiatric Disorder? You shouldn’t exist. Magic isn’t real …they say.

Well the good news is …. History is on our side. It just takes some digging and a little illumination.

We of magical persuasion, are not deluded, there was no golden age before, and yet there is a hope that things can get better, a new age if you will, can again rise within the human experience. Hope isn’t a bad thing, as revolutionaries, visionaries and healers seek to better themselves and the species. Magical people are after all human, with a slight difference in the fact that we live by the light of Magic in our daily lives.

The Melancholy of being Magical is temporary thing. Once you see the beauty of living in Magic, then it doesn’t matter. Society is changing and a global acceptance is underway. The ancient paths are being rediscovered and finding skill sets put to the test. All those people you know who are suddenly into odd things, ancient type things, they are the Magical people. Sometimes is just takes time to learn, to experience and develop a necessary skills… perhaps….give them a shot and an open mind.

At the heart of the Melancholy is something else. It is that sense of purpose. Magical people need to be magical people, they need to serve humanity. In the olden days serving a tribe was the goal as one ate and survived in symbiotic cohesion with the hunters, gatherers and the social fabric. A medicine person could be a mother, father and voice in the community, but always stepping up during ceremony and times of need with solutions and guidance. Capitalism has not been kind to magical people.

Beyond the basic needs of survival, there exists a spiritual side of surrender. Following a path that calls… regardless of a seemingly chaotic nature. Isolation and madness. It comes with the territory as one descends into the indescribable worlds between forces of nature. Calm detachment and understanding are required for those surrounding and protecting the Healers who pull directly from esoterica to find illumination.

After all, it is about hope. Trying to see a better way. We’ve tried a certain way for a while and it’s not working out. Time to rediscover a new way. Magic is real and it’s a forgotten legacy that requires the brave to step into the unknown and find out what it is exactly…that makes us human.

There is a story of the first Westerner to see Niagara Falls. They say when he returned and spoke of the glory of the waterfalls as big as mountains, they doubted him. What proof do you have, they asked him? He calmly said…because I saw them. Magical people have seen the essence of an untapped potential. A resource of infinite inspiration and wonder and you can take our words or not, but we know the truth and chose to live in Magic despite the Melancholy.

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