the mortals of dumpster archeology

The Mortals of Dumpster Archeology

From the the first Dumpster Dive outside 2323 Lafayette dr, to the Covid Summer of 2020 and the three Dr Jensens, these are the characters of the project with helpful links to the Discoveries that lead them to our attention.

The Mortals of the View from 2323

  • Carrie Seib – The Lost Psychic of Lafayette Square. The Matriarch of the Seib Family, Spiritualist and Poet
  • Dr George Seib – Neighborhood Doctor, Anthropologist Professor, Reel to Reel recorder and Psychic Son.
  • Edna Seib – Artist, Mother of two adopted daughters, Brown Clip Folder maker and Psychic Daughter
  • August Nasse – Wholesale Grocer
  • Julia Butterfly Hill
  • Mabel Fitzwater
  • Maude Witthall
  • Edna Seib
  • Jay Jensen
  • Bill Jensen
  • Marcus Senior
  • Marcus Junior
  • Randy Titus
  • William Seabrook
  • Terence Mckenna
  • Pearl Curran
  • Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
  • Ales Hrdlicka
  • Alexander Liberman
  • Rabbi Reb Zalman Schuster
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Randy Titus
  • Lew Blink
  • Edward Menges
  • Cullen Curtis
  • Edna Seib
  • Marcus Salinas