the Philosophy of Carrie

To understand the facts surrounding her philosophy, is too look at a shadow to see the form.    Her work remains consistent and completely “her”.  One could compare her to Edgar Cayce@ in altruistic nature and channeling ability but as his was unconscious and hers was integrated.  An odd overlap was that in the year 1923, Carrie began her trance-type poetry work and Cayce began to move away from medical cures to information seeking using similar techniques. 

By the early 1930’s  she was ordained as a Spiritualist minister but seemed to hold only certain common standard practices.  Her ability to see ghosts and have prophetic visions predated any Spiritualism exposure going back to her childhood in Germany.      Interesting influences are found  in her channeled poetry,  like Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther and Abraham Lincoln.  Understanding Carrie begins by reading her own words.

Come to the table,
Because nature led you, and it shall be light and clear,
That every man may find the way, and every word is a work, thus light works on earth.
Who would ask, what is truth and God?
Who should still be afraid and whisper in mockery?
The whole and the grandeur is at hand, And the glorious sprouts, the truth,

From a poem called the Great Work, in which she often speaks of the Truth, the “Truth in Light” being the name of an entire series of poems published after her death.  (@the poetry books)   Her tapes are filled with a basic message that tells to the large congregation in her own 3rd floor homemade church.    We can all reach the Light and the Truth simply by listening and perfecting the Spirit.   In a sense, Awareness is focused toward an inner power.

“If they would absolutely leave fear out, no longer worry about any other outside connections, but know that the inner power, the inner light, the inner force, it never died. It is ever-present in the dear ones that are absent physically, who are present spiritually.”

A short poem she wrote speaks of a time coming when the poor will no longer be silent. Did she see a revolution?

Carrie was born and raised a Evangelical Synod Lutheran and the themes of Martin Luther remained an influence as does this interest in Science.  She speaks during a 1950 sermon of Wireless Technology.   Carrie tells the crowd that photos from the old country will float across the ocean and appear in people’s houses.     It is doubtful she knew of the work of Tesla.  There is this fine line in Channeled work that is also relevant here.

How much of her work is hers?  How much is “spirit”?     The family of Carrie say that she was even unfamiliar with some of the language and words she used in her own poems.    Some of the work is clearly something addressing her, as in …..

There is still a tracking of his age, that turns with the present clock,
But a man sees the world no longer, Where he lived quite free in the sea.
It lies dry in the dust, and moisturizes the skin.
I am a man who has been watched,
who appears to you with the water-fish. But time lives fast and brings the profit to the mind.
Only one power has made all the world, which creates in life all the twists.
Thus I teach only my own lady.

The important time stamps of note are

  • 1923 she began to channel poetry shortly after moving into 2323 Lafayette Ave.
  • 1933 she has established a church called Lafayette Center
  • 1939 the name was changed to Independent Church of Truth.
  • 1940- 1945   During the wars years the church met quietly.
  • 1944   George Senior passed away
  • 1949   The first recording by George Seib occurred
  • 1950 -1956   The Reel to Reel tapes were recorded
  • 1964   Carrie officially retired from the church because of health
  • 1969    She passed on
  • 1976   George would publish 3 volumes of her poetry and send it all over the world.

Evening Devotional….
The day has discovered a deep shrine, as a devotion arouses the Gift,
and ranges in treasures rich, where a wisdom leads the Conductor.
Only a word already follows the work, but I find fish still dry in the water, although a current pulls them to the depths.
Where a God intervenes in the heart. If a flame brightens fire,
but only purity remains unrecognized,
Where Everything is alive
You changed your ship and moved no storm.
I give a sign in the moon and stars, but you were once a reward.
Where is an amount that constitutes upwards?
Do not be a field that runs wild.
So I start this rhyme in good sense and in a hurry.
I grasp the Tints  ‘That everyone already recognizes the good yard, where I dismissed the philosopher.


The best way to understand her work is simply to listen and read her words.   Nothing else can explain the beauty and power that Carrie Seib held in understanding the Inner power and light within us all.

The Philosophy of Carrie Seib is one of nature, nurture and wisdom. The simplicity of the work, is it’s biggest strength. I sometimes call her a Mystic in a Vacuum. She developed her method of peace, in her own way, her gifts on her own terms and practiced what she preached for all too see. The influences are there in the output and altruist Lutheran patterns of social justice in spiritual terms, is evident.

This is a short pdf poetry Zine highlighting some of her poems.  Carrie Seib zine  Free to download and enjoy.