the Project

It’s been over half a decade since the words Dumpster and Archeology were slung together for a strange project that has been lovingly called ….a multidimensional rabbit hole.  This moniker has been used on social media, for 3 websites, 2 publications, 4 art installations, 50 plus articles on and a Documentary and still there are no simple answers, one must fall like Alice, deeper inside the maze!

Dumpster Archeology was created by Lew Blink. He would go on record saying the whole thing is basically “a punk Indiana Jones trash adventure with National Geographic zine motifs, public spectacles and the DIY aspect of a Dumpster Diver”. Recipe: Dumpster Dive stuff and tell a story about it like “Show and Tell”!

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Choose your own adventure and follow the story as deep down the rabbit hole as you want to go

Dumpster Archeology presents

This is a Book…

and a multi-dimensional rabbit hole!

Intro: In October of 2015, Lew Blink dumpster dived a remarkable story in front of an old mansion. The View from 2323 was a wonderful story and Dumpster Archeology was forged to tell it.. At the heart of the Project is a simple ancestral remembering, done in various story formats and an effort to find a way to honor what was almost lost to Trash Oblivion through inspirational and investigative prose. 

retrospective the best of dumpster archeology

This Book is an experiment in piecing together a doorway to a multi-dimensional rabbit hole.  Some stories are too big for one person and since this Project deals with Trash, History and Dead People, than the scope already exceeds the capacity of collective memory and falls into depths of human chaos.

If there is too be any order, it must then fall to a date, a dumpster and a simple story, before we get lost in the depths of the strange corridor of this Book …that is also a multi-dimensional rabbit hole.

Click on any chapter and find a unique thread of narrative oddness.

Chapter 1

the view from 2323 an incredible story of one house

October 2015

Location: 2323 Lafayette ave/street side dumpster

Found items owned by Dr George Seib in the dumpster, project begins with an attempt to tell the story.

The View from 2323

*Everything in this book is true, as in real people, real events, with digital proof, social media posts and links into the ether of human remembrance. Please be warned that this version of reality is not only stranger than you imagine, it’s stranger than CAN imagine.

Lew Blink

Chapter 2

the Forgotten Architect of South St Louis digital magazine

Fall 2019

Location: Tower grove Park Pool Pavilion

100 year old windows and the story of a Forgotten Architect.

The Forgotten Architect of South City

Chapter 3

a retrospective of Dumpster Archeology

Summer 2017

Location: University City Alley dumpster

Edward Menges was a classically trained painter and art educator. This is story of his last paintings.

The last Paintings of Edward Menges

The widow and the paintings

Chapter 4

Breakthrough the Fractal Grid with Randy Titus

Spring 2018

Location: South Grand and Gravois alleyway next to Carpenter Branch Library

Computer Graphic Artist pioneer Randy Titus had a lot of stuff in the dumpster after his death. Did he leave his legacy for all too see? You be the judge.

Breakthrough Fractal Grids with Randy Titus

Chapter 5

sept 11 2001

The beginnings of Dumpster Archeology are a mythology going back to the late days of 2001, this is that story.

The beginning of dumpster diving

Chapter 6

Summer 2020

Location: Soulard alleyway dumpster

Dr Josh Jensen and Dr Jay Jensen have lived interesting lives and both have a legacy easily seen in the trash discovered in a dumpster.

The Jensen slides of Communist China

Chapter 7

April 2017

The unusual twists and turns of the Sobbing man story, an old article and how the whole Project shifts on a dime.

The Sobbing Man Collection

chapter 8

Spring 2020

Mabel Stubbs Fitzwater is a story that was changed as the family members came forward with opinions about my work. The original story is gone, but her things still remain.

Mabel Sings a tune – looking at what is left.

Chapter 9

The End of Dumpster Diving 2020 Digital Magazine

Summer 2020

Location: South City St Louis

Several stories from the age of Covid and the strange items found in alleyway dumpster.

The End of Dumpster Diving

Chapter 10

Fall 2016 to fall 2021

Location: St Louis festivals and halls

The events and experiences of Dumpster Archeology.

Dumpster Archeology experiences.

Chapter 11

the Birth of Dumpster Bio-Mythographeology

Spring 2021

Location: Digital magazine and Digital mind

Bio-Mythographeology is reinvented to tell unusual stories with the words of Dumpster Souls at the center.


Chapter 12

2015 – 2017

Location: Facebook

Social media posts and the short stories found on Social Media.

Facebook Posts

Chapter 13

a strange short tale

Chapter 14

the north omaha maps
Special chapter: the odd story of maps

Chapter 15

summer 2020

The story of two muscle man trophies and the inspiring father who helped his kids have a future.

A dirt-bag renaissance man

Chapter 16