the Randy Titus slides.

Summer of 2020 / By Lew

Found in a dumpster in the Spring of 2017 shortly after his death, the personal slides of Randy Titus reveal his inner eye and beginnings of Artistic expression.

From his youth in Indiana, to his journeys across the world, Randy Titus loved to photograph his world

One can see the way, this Art Major/Philosophy Minor evolved over the years.


His photographs of his girlfriends and friends shifting focus as he matured and traveled.

Randy Titus had developed taste and refinement with his art and still in his early years…one sees the talent.

Some of the photos tell us their location…

and others are a mystery…….

In the mid years of the 1960’s we see the College party as seen by Randy.

and the Men of College…..doing what Men do..

…..and the Women of College, in the intimate moments of partnership…

Randy Titus was a wonderful artist, and all his work reflects the wonder of his visionary eye.

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