the View from 2323

One house, on a street called Lafayette avenue.

the view from 2323 an incredible story of one house

One rehab dumpster in front of a house and one envelope with one name.

the Envelope

what does a name, an address and a city tell you about a person?

The rabbit hole starts with George Seib.


The day I found the envelope, my son and me walked back from the library to the playground. Our stop at the dumpster was just random, but also felt significant. It wasn’t until I opened the Folders on a bench while my son played, that the weirdness of the whole story began.

Lew Blink

The View from 2323 is the story of a house, several lifetimes and the corridors of family drama. It’s an evasive tale that alludes more than scandalizes, and speaks to deeper truths about the nature of reality.

The people of 2323 are a proxy for the American dream within us all and our shared collective history. Dumpster Archeology is telling the story of humanity through the things left behind in dumpsters. The story of the House at 2323 was just beginning for the direction of the whole project.

The House at 2332

An overview of one house

a history that goes deeper

follow the rabbit holes..


So compelling and odd was the history of the Seib Family, that later in the same week a friend wondered aloud if there was more? So we went back to the same dumpster, better armed with flashlights and backpacks. That night I found the Reel to Reels tapes.

Lew Blink

Psychic Reel to Reel Tapes

Audio found in a dumpster

of the Lost Psychic of Lafayettte Square


Dumpster Archeology presents : the View from 2323, a multi-dimensional rabbit hole about a haunted mansion and the strange people who lived there. Each thread is a part of a larger story, each link, photo, blue inked word and <<link>> for the less adventurous is the entirety of a true story, or true enough. conjecture and imaginative recreation with a side dose of magical thinking.

The 2323 cast of real characters

One house, it’s original owner, the son-in-law rebuilder, the psychic, the doctor and the artist.

The history of the house at 2323 is so strange and featured such rich characters, it felt as if THEY were looking out from the 3 story Mansion. The ghosts, one could say, are having a moment and the Project was their medium. One doesn’t have to believe in ghosts or psychics, but the real people in this story did believe and that is also a part of the story.

Carrie Seib – Poet and psychic

the poetry and philosophy of the Lost Psychic

The View from 2323 is about history, and whatever uncomfortable personal truths motivate the very real life cast of characters, and in the Dumpster Archeology universe…that is exactly the point. There is a moral to the story and it exists in real time and space, but the truth is so grand and encompassing it can not be contained within a few words.

from the Seib Family Trust, Edna the Artist

Edna the Artist

Intelligent, tenacious and maybe psychic?

The Art and life of Edna Seib


Bringing the Project to Strange Folk Festival to Lafayette Square in 2016 was the official mark of the Public Experience. Creating a pop-up historical art installation telling the story of the View from 2323. Crafting a unique public experience within the neighborhood the Seib Family walked for 100 years, THAT story is a rabbit hole of strangeness into itself.

a retrospective of dumpster archeology

Strange Folk Festival

The View from 2323 enters the public awareness


After the Festival the Project entered a new phase, reborn with new purpose, new details and a lot of attention. Dumpster Archeology had two digital articles written about it, I met the Seib Family, the new owners of the house and got a late night tour. I learned the Folders belonged to Edna, as she got her moment of energetic art exploration. The Dumpster Archeology Project was Art-in-motion and taking on new stories, but the house at 2323 still had something to say.

Lew Blink
the Lost psychic of Lafayette Square digital magazine

The lost Psychic of Lafayette Square

The story of Carrie Seib and her mission.

Historical Psychics exist, they thrive in urban areas for decades, talking to ghosts, channeling poetry and supporting a community with their wisdom. It is rare to find the historical information of such a figure, but we have that in Carrie Seib. She operated in the Lafayette Square from 1923 to 1969, with a massive sphere of influence. Explore the psychic reality with stories, poetry and even the words of this Lost Psychic.

View from 2323 - Strange Folk Festival

Carrie Seib – dumpster biography

From the history books, newspapers and mouths of the Lafayetee Square neighborhood.

“The deeper I went into the lives of those discovered in the dumpster, the more it seemed to infect my Being with a sort of philosophical understanding that only a real life mirror could. More of these “finds” and “collections” were discovered in Dogtown, Oakland, Ballwin and deeper into the South City neighborhoods I called home. Dumpster Archeology grew with each new story.” 

Lew Blink
The View from 2323

The View from 2323 photos

a visual journal of the data, research and found photographs