The Visual Journal of

the View from 2323

 view from 2323 / By Lew

These are the Pictures, Data, Newspaper Clippings, and Art work from the original View from 2323 research. In an effort to display the direct evidence that was used to tell the story…here they are!

The Folders discovered first and some of their oddly beautiful content!

Created by Edna Seib, these organized Folders were used for Inspiration, also containing CLUES!

Discovered online and in archives, these CLUES, informed Dumpster Archeology about so much history.

1940 Census Report, that shows the ages, and professions of the Seib Family

Conrad Fink, the original owner of 2323 Lafayette and his Obituary. Walter Nasse is his Grandson who died young, his father Augusta Nasse was the Son in Law and inherited the House at 2323.

2323 Lafayette Square during the 1920s and 30s

George Seib in Alaska with the curator of the Smithsonian

3rd floor Spiritualist church with pews, pulpit and Carrie’s chair

George MD, working from home.