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The Women of ….

Dumpster Archeology

I found them in the last place they would have expected to be found … Mothers, Artists, Daughters, Teachers and Pioneer Women. Their memorabilia may have ended up in a dumpster but they were never forgotten.

Maude Witthall – Pioneer Women

From a School teacher to the Matriarch of a large family, the journey of Maude.

like finding a treasure just outside an Ancient temple…

The tale of two Sarahs

Sarah Jane and her Mother, Sarah Louise are central characters in a this story of the way a Mother can influence a Daughter.

Deep feminine energy emanating from lost items…

The Lost Psychic of Lafayette Square

Carrie Seib….Mother, Psychic, and Spiritualist leader.

the photos and lives of the Women of….

Mabel – the Queen of Dogtown

the Glamorous Queen of Dogtown Mabel shifts her names but always stays the Queen of her little St Louis hamlet.

providing inspiration and strength to generations….

Jean, Ruth-ann and Mary Frances were born into the Younger Family. This unusual story revolves around Special Olympic medal and the forgotten boy that earned it.

The Younger Sisters and Bo

each Woman is an island, an oasis of love, growth and self driven power….

the widow and the paintings

The Widow and the Paintings

“Do you know Edward Menges?” I asked the Widow, and she cried out…. “I am his widow!”

Follow the Rabbit Holes and see where Alice leads you.

Edna the Artist

Unknown Artists, Female empowerment, Psychic Matriarchs and one local St Louis Artist.