There is no far-left... only revolution prose

There is no Far-Left

They take the streets with purpose

Pushing back against corruption

Against forceful ideals and delusion

They are the Woke

They are angry

They are not collective but are Unity

Individual minds joining hands

Individual spirits that are One

This isn’t a Democratic action

This isn’t against a Party

This is….our Future

All the Voices speaking out

How can this be a new Revolution?

With the same issues on the table

Since 1962…. 1901….1845…1776

Call them Anti- establishment-

If you must

Fighting against the Man

Against social control, against …

Against.. against…

All warfare is class warfare

All issues are Collective issues

Wake up….they call from the streets..

Your blind. We are blind. They are blind.

See the Revolution

Ignore the Rhetoric, the talking heads, the Message of Ignorance.


No…….. just listen to their stories

Those who speak from under the Boots of Tyranny,

Behind the smoke bombs, behind the loaded barrel

They are not the Enemy, they are American, they are Citizens and they speak for the Many.

Don’t classify, don’t label..

Don’t call them Far-Left

They are Unity and they are the tip of the Revolution.