Three Heads in a bag

What’s in the bag? As I saw the duffel bag in a dumpster, I thought, this is how bad horror movies start.

Curiosity killed the Cat, they say and as I pulled gently on the zipper, I could hear the voice in my head playing out a thousand Halloween Movies.

That’s hair isn’t it? The flesh of something and the curve of feminine skin. The duffel bag has become a Dumpster Archeology Story, and I carried on bravely reaching in to discover what was within.

Her name is Lauren and she was not alone………..

Lauren and Lauren and Lauren were part of a Cosmology set. Something sold to Hair Artists going to school to be stylists.

More combs than a person knows what to do with….Hair Dye, Straighteners and other items related to our lovely Sisters and the maintaining of their hair. Who knows if the former owner got her degree, or quit it and tossed the items away.

Happy Halloween… perhaps one shouldn’t go looking in duffel bags found in dumpsters, but at least I saved these beauties from trash Oblivion!

What became of Lauren, Lauren and Lauren? Of course they became Art, this Dumpster Archeology after all……

Lauren became a piano player for last Year’s Halloween Display. It was a four piece Jazz outfit with haunted back stories and streaming white lights. She was the ghost of a Jazz singer from New Orleans who was horribly killed in a car wreck. A sad tale for another day……or link 🙂

Lauren became an Archetypal Goddess for the Dumpster Archeology Art Piece created for PRIME’s 24 hour Play production of Reverie. I called the Surrealist Art Installation…. “DreamManager”. She lay on the wall in a nest of grass, resting in a rusted metal planter found in a dumpster. Her face painted and decorated with bejeweled charms found in the trash. Sadly after the performance, Lauren ended up back into a dumpster to never been seen again.

A tiny Dumpster Archeology Story, of three Heads found in a duffel bag and finding life again within the pages of a Dumpster Mythology that is growing every day. And it never Ends!