Viva the Ass Revolution

Viva the Ass Revolution

It’s surprising how popular ass play has become in modern culture as rear end desire transcends gender/ orientation and drifts into our mainstream cultural gnosis. Only the Woke understand that the ass is a misunderstood sensual sexual organ and the taboo nature of it has been an cultural mandate of the Repressed with unneeded religious overtones. One could say our latest cultural sexual revolution is built on two round mounds and one puckered hole at the center.

Viva the Ass Revolution!

Amy Schumer has a joke about being a feminist and being against the objectification of women, but also secretly loves being objectified especially her derriere. Her ass is currently insured by the best Corporate Computer algorithms of insurance loss control. Amy’s hit “Milk Milk Lemonade” is a ass loving classic on YouTube.

This isn’t an article about rear ends but a manifesto about eating ass, about smacking rears and leaving a red mark. This a call to action. Men, women and all linguistic groupings must learn to not fear the ass and the wonders within.

In some cases, I am preaching to the choir as the gay community has heralded the call to sodomy since time began and young men seek Daddies for internal pleasure.

Straight men often stick fingers in foreign places to experiment and sometimes find that the orgasm becomes potent when reception is applied. Modern girls call for more pegging as the drive to penetrate becomes a Tik Tok sensation.

Free the nipple, the men call out!!

Free the anus, the women call out!!

Tit for tat…smack for smack and the new equality is manifested in role reversal and surrender.

Mark Norman jokes that the reason the Corona Virus didn’t hit Millennials as hard was…ass eating made them more immune to certain virus strains. Might not be true, but I like it.

Is there an instinct within that drives us to suck and lick? Nipples, dicks, smokes, thumbs, and lollipops….the oral fixation is genetic, we can not deny it’s pull. Yet where is the instinct towards laying on your back (legs up) and letting a tongue lick your anus? Nature provides us many an example.

Revolutions happen slowly, and super fast…depending on your notion of time. If we began a Sexual Revolution in 1967, and humans have only thrived for 4,000 years as a civilization of “merit”…depending who you ask…then is our Revolution still happening? Or did it reset at some point in the 1980s and got going again in 1995?

Sexual revolutions don’t need a manifesto but if we had one, it would definitely be a hip hop or rap track, as rappers have glorified the ass to the point of Deity level.

Being the Woke is only the beginning, action is required and asses must be licked.

Sucking and licking assholes seems to be the only consistent way to define the difference between a Revolution and a Popularity contest.

Join the new Sexual Revolution and bend over, apply that finger somewhere different and give your loved one a full hand smack …softly or with hard movement over those soft round mounds on the other side.

Whomever licks and bites the most asses…gets to be the new Royalty in our Brave New World of Revolutionary action.

Viva the Ass Revolution!