the Forgotten Architect of South St Louis digital magazine

Vol 1.4 Fall 2019

Dumpster Archeology Digital magazine —

From the “Forgotten Architect of South St Louis” to ‘Mabel the queen of Dogtown”, this journal of Dumpster Diving stories delves deep into the neighborhoods and alleyways of our city. The edges of historical creation are discovered within these explorations. The Death Purges scattered across the landscape are rediscovered in Dumpsters and presented for public entertainment and reflection.

Table of Contents

The Diary of a Stage Manager .p2

Black Friday and the Saxophone .p3

Magic Chef Mansion – Ernst’s Work of Art (ext-link) .p4

the forgotten architect of South city

Mabel the glamorous Queen of Dogtown .p5

A photo of Mabel links to a chapter entitled: the Queen of Dogtown: Mabel the Glamorous

The Life of Ernst Janssen .p6

Three Heads in a bag .p7

Ernst Janssen’s Tower Grove Pavillion