The Art of Lew Blink

Lew Blink is a little strange or really strange depending on your particular tastes. This multi-medium Artist is most notably known for literary work surrounding dumpsters, psychedelics, science-fiction and digital creations.

Originally a Poet, Lew believes his mind works easier with poetic verse, saying the world is too vast and weird to say anything with definitive authority.

Strange Psychedelic Science Fiction and more…

“What I try to do is create a space, then organize elements of narrative-meaning into a cohesive story. A tiny piece of a whole craft-work., multi-dimensional rabbit holes one could say. The goal is not to create a “product”, but spark an ongoing conversation surrounding an artifact, a legacy or a collective story. Historicity as Philip K Dick called it. I prefer to see the bulk of my work as random acts of poetry, strange magic and the creation of Space.” Lew

The Big Red One — or the way of the Tour guide

How do you describe a modern CreatorArtist is not enough of a word to encompass the scope, but it comes into play. Lew openly admits to having no college degree, doesn’t write for Academia, and simply enjoys purposeful creation, which holds it’s own merits.

The Melancholy of being Magical

In 2012, Lew created the persona Deacon Lew to explore the psychedelic/internet realms. This directly lead to the creation of the Psychedelic Society of St Louis.

If space creation is the center of much of Lew’s work, than the PSSL was a perfect outlet. 70 meetings and 3 years later, the high energy of Lew was a force on the St Louis landscape with ripples still whispered to this day about it’s impact.

The Psychedelic Society of St Louis

psychedelic writings

To say this era in Lew’s life was influential is an understatement. After a stint as an Organizer, Advocate and Community leader, Lew began a new Project in 2016.

Confessions of a Dumpster Archeologist

Dumpster Archeology was forged to showcase and expand the multiverse of stories Lew found in Dumpsters. As the Project grew from digital- to public works and Festival experiences reshaped the nature of the Art Itself, the layers of oddness grew like sediment on a river floor.

Dream Manager — a Dumpster Art installation

The physical art created by Lew includes Ancient Incubators, Festival theme camps, Art installations, the View from 2323 at Strange Folk Festival, Ripple of Existence markets and Set Designs for PRIME’S 24 hour play series.

Photography, Storytelling, Paintings, Scrapbooks, and Digital Magazines exist, showcasing the strangeness of Dumpster Archeology with a side branch of Historicity Artifact creation.

Strange Folk Festival – the View from 2323

In 2020 Lew was filmed by a local film crew, after several adventurous shoots and several years of editing, a Dumpster Archeology documentary premiered at the St Louis International Film Festival. During the 2023-24 Film Festival season, the film won numerous awards, in Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Short and became a crowd favorite across the world. Streaming unavailable at the current moment.

Ghost, Vortexs and Cinema Vertie

So much of Lew’s work exists for short periods, only to be remembered in photos and the mind’s of those who experience it directly. Often a carefully crafted display of Artifacts can be found intact, or finds it’s way into the hands of an appreciative soul.

Ancient Incubator

where dream incubation and sacred space meet

Church of Flow — The Poetry of Lew Blink

the poetry of lew blink from 2012 to 2021

Lew’s writing, no matter the alias is pure madness, but often lands with enough poetic gusto to make an impression on the Reader. He claims the writer within him is only a small part and prefers working with Space CreationPhysical Space, Digital Space, Natural Space, Inner Space and of course Outer Space.

Wamba’s Fan shaped destiny

Artica: the land grab

Lew Blink is at heart, a Space Creator and that takes whatever form or medium is needed to tell the Story, forge that Narrative. convey Meaning, and remind the Experiencer that the infinite potentials of the multi-verse are not for the faint of heart.

Throughout our collective Digital landscapes one can find a lot of strange work done by Lew, from websites, posts, published articles on Substack, Youtube, social media and physical magazines. Rabbit holes are easy to get lost in but that might be the point as this Space was curated by Lew for You.

The Psychedelic Rabbi and the Mystical Question